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Grandson Mk II

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. My darling daughter gave birth to our second grandchild just before midnight last night; she and the little boy are doing well, and are coming home this morning.

    (passes round virtual cigars; or do you only do that for your own children :LOL:?)

  2. Congratulations Pop!
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    Congrats Hornet, that's great news. If it had been a little girl, we woulda called you Grandma!
  4. There ya go (y)

    Rhys 1.
  5. Aww, such a handsome little fella! Gratz again! The only remaining Question is: What his first Bike gonna be?
  6. I'm still over the moon at being an uncle - can only imagine the pride at being a grandpa...
    Congratulations old man.
  7. Congrats grandad....
  8. no better feeling than holding a grandchild, congrats on the arrival of the newest member of the Hornet clan.
  9. thanks for your good wishes, folks, I'll pass them on too :)
  10. Great news Paul!
    Congrats to the growing family. He looks a bit of a Heifer. Must weigh in a decent amount?

  11. He was around 8 lb on the old scale, and whatever the metric equivalent is thereof

    Hopefully he will give his mum and dad an easier time; their first was a very traumatic birth process and has only just started to sleep though the night, at nearly three years old. This little guy came quickly and with no dramas and seems to be a very peaceful baby....
  12. Congratulations mate
  13. congratulations Paul, now you can safely go for all day rides knowing you won't have to race home for the birth
  14. exactly!!! :LOL:
  15. Congratulations Paul, all the best to Grandparents, parents and child. :) Sucks though he will get combined birthday and Christmas presents though.
  16. Tis called 'clever conception' Chris!!
    Our two boys are close in Nov and our girl is the dat after Mums! Win Win!!