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Grandad on L's

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by poppybill, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone. I am 53 years young and Have finally been allowed to get a road bike after 30+ years of NO not on the road by my lovely wife..I used to have an RM 400N when younger but sold it and was nagging the Mrs for years .Finally after careful wording and the suggestion of long cruises with her as a pillion she said yes so I bought a new xvs650 classic but who knew about the 3 year no pillion passenger rule for new learners (oh bugger WINK WINK) so here I am. Ippy ky yay.

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  2. Welcome pop! Hit the hills over east when you get your bike legs.
  3. You really must be enjoying the freedom...

    Sorry...couldn't resist it. ;)

    Welcome to NR...
  4. Welcome poppybillpoppybill and enjoy your new found freedom. Too bad about the no pillion for the next couple of years but it will pass quick enough, also remember when you're ready to upgrade to your next ride take your better half along with you to hop on the back of any prospective new rides and get their input as to the comfort of the pillion seat. If she is happy with the comfort then it's not the bike for you :p
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  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Welcome, young one.
  7. Welcome :cool:

    Not so much a ganddad, more of a enhanced life experiencer ;)
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  8. welcome to Netrider and the two wheel family poppy! (y)
  9. Welcome to freedom on two wheels!
  10. Sounds a lot like my story - welcome back!

  11. 53, Mid life crisis, Enjoy the ride young fella,
  12. I wonder if you'll still be riding at the ripe old age of 106.
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  13. If im capable, Yes, Im only looking at making the hundred tho hahahaha
  14. Thanks for the welcome everyone. If I make it to 106 and am still riding I'm sure its going to be a hotted up automatic wheel chair with W for watch out on it. lol
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  15. Good onya Bill!
    My Dad got his licence 4 years ago, at 69, and he's still riding and loving every minute.
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  16. I started at 60, so need to ride until 120. Enjoy
  17. Welcome to the over 50's and on a bike club :angelic:
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    I started at 63 so plan to ride til 126!

    Well, if you fail to plan you plan to fail (or so they say)

    But well done PoppyBill, great you finally got permission and on a bike. Enjoy the ride and go at your own pace.
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