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Granda sale, granda sale ina Melb Showgrounds

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by agttr, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Did a quick search but came up blank (mods delete if it's already up), there's a big m/cycle clothing sale at the Showgrounds starting on Thurs 30th Oct till Nov 2. According to the advert "up to 80% off". Worth a look.

    Same w/end as the Motorcycle Expo.
  2. who is supplying the gear on sale?
  3. There's a full page advert in this months' Motorcycle Trader p.130. At the bottom of the page there's the logos/images of Fox, Alpinestars, Dririder, KBC, Shoei, RST and AGV.
  4. Yeah they take one item of each brand and then say they are sold out, only 5 minutes after opening and then try and sell you the rubbish that retailers cannot offload.

    Once bitten twice shy ;)
  5. Wot Vic said, it really is shit offload stuff and should be advertised as such.
  6. Oh, ok. I've never gone to one of these "sales" before but I saw the advert in MT and thought I'd put it up. Was planning on going on the Thurs just to check it out. May give it a miss.