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Grand Tourist Drive and Hawkesbury Ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by krabi, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Hey Folks,
    I had a post in general discussions on 250s and long tours as I was feeling a bit inadequate on a Virago 250 and taking it out on a longer tour. Well, after the positive encouragement from the Netrider community I went and did this wonderful ride.
    My wife and I did this over three days and two nights and all I can say is we had a ball!
    I'll do a proper write up over the next few days (I might write it in Word before I post it), but as a little teaser I had fun with Google Maps. Check our little ride out on Google Maps.
    Thanks to all the Netrider Community who encouraged me! And the Virago 250 did really well! It handled the weight no problems!

  2. So you had good weather? It's been crappy here for what seems a few weeks now

    Top effort on the little Virago two up :cool:

    And like to see some pics :wink:
  3. Wow and double-Wow is all I can say, steve! What a great adventure, and so well documented!

    Perhaps you might like to post a small tutorial on how you created that awesome Google map and the accompanying notes??? Please???
  4. Google Maps

    Google Maps is actually reasonable easy to use. I noticed a few people asked about this feature in another post somewhere. I'll see what I can do about a "how to" - After all I am a Geography teacher who teaches kids how to do things like this on computers.
    Yes the Weather was, well, WET, but that did not stop us from enjoying the ride. It was mainly drizzle rather than "rain". I have some pictures on the Google Map. Just click on some of the icons. You might have to zoom in on some!

    [Edit] There's a basic how to on the Google Website. Click HERE
    For my photos I have my own website where I store them, but you might use Picassa or something similar, Just remember to shrink them in a program like Microsoft picture Editor.
  5. Hey that is really cool, looks like you had a lot of fun! Glad you enjoyed it even though it rained :p
  6. Still waiting Steven... :)


  7. Did you find a shovel today?
    Digging things up lol
  8. Ahh, yes, have had many adventures since then on that 250 now on the 750. I'll find a photo of that ride and put it up.
  9. Still digging around in dungheaps @Justus@Justus ? :p