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Grand Tour 2017

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Dr Bob, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    Hoping I'm welcome sneaking onto your site from the UK.

    I'm looking to pick brains for advice & ideas, after the trip of a lifetime seven years ago to the west coast of the USA, it was decided that there just has to be more than one trip of a life time. Upshot is that we kept our thrift club running and now have a few quid put aside for another 3 week + bike trip.

    After an alcohol fuelled session a bike tour for six of us (mature of body if not of mind) bikers thought Seattle > Canadian Rockies > Yellowstone > etc. & back seemed like a good idea, I'm now starting to have my doubts as we've already done a USA thing and it might not prove such an adventure.

    My mind is starting to drift toward you our antipodean cousins in Australia, which has to be on the bucket list as I've never been!

    I realise there's an awful lot to see and it's also one hell of a big place.

    So advice please..... if I'm looking to put marks on a map and join the dots to wind up with a good mix of riding & sightseeing (off the beaten track is also good) what would you suggest on a limited timescale & budget.

    We are potentially looking at 21 days of bike hire, a round trip or could be point to point (big cost relocating rental bikes though) to get in good riding and enough sights to have us still talking over our beer in five years time.

  2. You might want to say what part of Oz you are thinking. With only three weeks you likely wouldn't be able to go to far if want spend time sightseeing as well - which is well worth doing. Everywhere has something to see. Anyway, is a great place to ride. Some locals may show you some good rides even if know where you'll be
  3. Must admit my first thoughts were based on a start in Sydney and keeping to the east for the Blue Mountains & Great Barrier Reef but am very much open to suggestions.
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    Start in Melbourne so you are not doubling back on yourself, you should be able to get a direct flight in. Ferry to Tasmania at first, back to Victoria, Great Ocean Rd then the Alpine run up through Victoria to NSW then up into Queensland. In three weeks you probably won't be able to make it to the Far North and still have time to sightsee but you will get as far as Cairns ?? perhaps.

    Garners in Melbourne Rent bikes. Not a very large bike rental market here. I believe BMW also rent if you like the German marque.

    Buy yourself a Hema Motorcycle Atlas of Australia for some inspiration.
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  5. What about starting in Sydney and then going to Adelaide via the coast and through Melbourne.

    You will be able to cover great Alpine road, great Ocean road and you can criss cross through some awesome riding country.

    If wine is your thing, then you'll be crossing a lot of wineries and there are some great breweries along the way as well..

  6. And as cjvfrcjvfr wrote..

    Tasmania should be in the loop as well...
  7. I'll have to do some research on the Melbourne Tasmania bits, we comfortably covered over 2,500 miles in the USA so something close to that would a manageable target. Had a GS1200 in the USA wasn't a fan but very dependable, best mate rather than a mistress. (Currently on a 1200 Ducati Multistrada)
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  8. You should also consider what time of year, so you can get the best weather for what you want to do. I know you Brits are acclimatised to cold but Tassie is cold enough for snow in winter (May to September) and can also be wet. But it has the best roads. Same with the alpine regions, they are great in the warmer months.
    Inland and north can be incredibly hot from December to March. If you want corners, you need to stick to the hills.
    Roads in the far north may be impassible in the wet season (our summer) although I doubt you are looking at that kind of hardcore adventure riding. Another thing to consider if you want to go to the Great Barrier Reef region is that summer is stinger (jellyfish) season there.
    Still plenty of good options available.
  9. Tasmania is a jewel in riding terms. The ferrys are well used to motorcycle transport as during the summer months it is a pilgrimage for mainland riders. The ferry service is the TT Line and some of the cost of vehicle transport is covered by the Aussie taxpayer as part of road cost equalisation initiatives. This is built into the ticket.

    Discover The New Spirit of Tasmania
  10. Welcome mate and great plan! Echoing what's been said already largely, but time of year is NB because in winter you won't be able to ride any of the Alpine roads. For distances, as an eg, Melbourne to Cairns is 1800 miles direct on motorways etc, Many, many more if you intend to take the better and more scenic biking roads. Plenty to see in the SE area - VIC, Tassie, NSW.

    As a side note - if you are a cricket fan, and coming at the end of the year, why not combine all the biking with a couple of days at the Ashes cricket at MCG (Boxing Day test with 90 000 people is something to behold) or SCG? give the bum a break and drink in the sun all day lol...
  11. Rob, I'd be looking over the ditch at our kiwi cousins and doing a lap of their islands - north and south.