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Grand Theft Auto 5

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ShadowGT, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Not sure how many people here are into videogames but anyone that is will have no doubt at one point or another played Grand Theft Auto.

    Well Yesterday Grand Theft Auto 5 was annouced & for anyone thats played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas It's heading back to San Andreas for GTA:5

    Heres the Debut Trailer.

  2. post now redundant.
  3. Nevermind i think i fixed it at the same time you posted that lol
  4. All I want is San Andreas 2
  5. that will be SOO good. Any idea of a release date?
    San andreas was my favourite for so many reasons, but don't play it cos a) ps2 don't work b) graphics are shit
  6. No release date yet but alot of speculation of early to mid 2012. Most of the game is already finished.
  7. Can't wait.
    Must book some time off life.
  8. hopefully the bikes don't handle like utter crap as they did in IV.
  9. They fixed bike handling in "The lost & the damned" expansion for GTA 4. But yeah hopefully the fixed handling carries over to GTA 5 as bikes were woeful to ride, fun to crash though hahaha.

    This is all i could find regarding bikes in GTA 5 so far.

    Half of a bike & a guy falling down
  10. GTA - the only time it is acceptable to squid.

    (note - i didn't say kill people because that's always acceptable)
  11. Fuck yeah
  12. im looking forward to it. i hope they include planes and helicopters.... i loved the desert airport. i used to just spend hours flying between airports....
  13. can't wait. might have to start GTA IV from scratch again just to get my fix for the time being...
  14. As long as its better than that crap the produced for gta4 I'm happy
  15. Did anyone else notice the Z750 at the minute mark ;) ?? My bike is pretttttyyy coool eh :p
  16. Haha photo on the previous page.. tell me it doesn't look like the zed!
  17. If RockStar Games don't release it on PC i'll be pissed. Just like I am that they didn't release Red Dead Redemption on PC. Mumble mumble humbug.
  18. Using my Geek encyclopedic knowledge of GTA i believe it is called the Shitzu Vader in GTA 4 & 5

    heres it's wiki page.

  19. It's not confirmed that it'll be in San Andreas yet, just educated guesses so far due to it showing up on some of the license plates in trailer. Honestly i'm not too excited, the last GTA I enjoyed was GTAII, SA was too gangsta'ry bullshit for me, and GTAIV was quite frankly dull as hell. I am really looking forward to Saints Row The Third though, so that'll be my gangster fill
  20. This sounds awesome, loved playing GTA IV especially TLAD