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Grand Prix weekend

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Athame, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone!!!!

    We have rented a gorgeous 2 story house over the grand prix weekend,
    It is 5 minutes from Cows, sleeps 11 in beds (in rooms) 2 fold out beds and the couches.
    Its $150 for the 3 day weekend, under cover, out of sight parking for the bikes.

    I hate to ask but a deposit is required, we had 15 people say yes at the start of the year and when we asked for a deposit or payment they all backed out. :? :cry:
    If anyone is interested PM me and i will give you more details....

    Dawn :D


    Wanna954 100%
    Blackbird 1 100%
    Matt232 100%
    VTRBob ?%
    YammyChick + Partner 100%
    Tony 100%
    Nicki 100%
    Sir Skuffy ?%
    Unit 100%
    Michael 100%
    Ben 100%
    Mel 100%
    Liz 100%
    Lil 100%

    and me 101%
  2. $150 all told or $150 each for the weekend?
  3. its $150 each for the weekend, the house is costing us a packet, if we can get enough numbers it will be cheaper....

    I know it sounds expensive but even caravans are $95 a night for that weekend...
  4. Dawn count me in definately 100% for 2, but could be 3 if my hubby comes

    I will let you know either way. Im not sure if my other half is coming or not yet, with a bit of luck he will so can l get a double bed plzzzzzzz.

    I have a friend m@tt coming down from QLD that is coming down with me also which is why l said 3.

    How much deposit do u need and when by??
  5. Count me in too.

    :D :D
  6. I'm bunking in a house for $175 pp for a whole week!

    Accom is soooooooooooo expensive down there over the GP! It's a rort!!!!
  7. It's a sellers market at GP time.

    I'm lucky, one of my uncles has a holiday house in Cowes which I use (mind you I have to mow the lawns) for the events I attend down there.

    I don't work or spectate at either GP and my uncle makes a fortune by renting out the house to suckers like you guys :p

    How much would it cost to stay in a motel or caravan park interstate so the prices quoted aren't too bad really.
  8. Now you tell us - *mumble *mumble ..bastard.. *mumble......
  9. Umm, speaking of friends with houses, time to make friends with my parents friends who have a nice place in Cowes... :D

  10. Hey Julz
    Thanks i'll book you in and Lids your on the list too...

    It would be great if we could get the deposits of $50 by the middle of july at the end of july at the latest...

    I think it will be a great weekend.....lol :D :D :D

  11. anyone else content to slum it trackside?
  12. Athame please put me down as a definate and PM me your bank details and the money is yours.
  13. Im so excited about this l cant wait.

    Now how many more sleeps does this make it....lol....counts down the days....woohoo!!!

    I will chat to you and get the money to you dawn ok
  14. cool matt no probs will get that info to you asap...

    hey Julz grap my number off Lids and give me a buzz
    we can all catch up for coffee....
    Dawn :)
  15. dawn l pmed you on msn yesterday but u didnt answer...get on girl...lol....are u still coming on the ride 2moro??...hope so :wink:
  16. I'm excited. hehehehehe.

    I just realised that it will be Spring Carnival time and I am supposed to work at the races but I don't think so!!! lol.

    :D :D
  17. Is there any other place to be for MotoGP weekend? I'll be trackside as per usual :D:D:D:D:D
  18. Hey there, I'm there baby...Hoepfully with a chicky babe!! Hahaha. :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Glad to hear it mick, but a chicky babe now thats pushing it....lol

    I think you have been let out one two many times...lol

  20. Thanks matt323
    it all good from this end....

    Cant wait, will be a great weekend.....lol