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Grand Prix 06' (Rossi Farewell)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Guest, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. So I was thinking.

    You can get this for around $850 for the three days.


    I'm gonna go and do it cos I figure it's worth it. I have never been and want to go see Rossi as it will most likely be his last year?

    Thought id find out if anyone else is interested in going/camping?

    You seem to get a fair amount of stuff and attention for your dollars... IMO?
  2. That sounds very similar to the Summitt Club.
    I think it was Damm Fine Catering doing the food.
    Great fun. :grin:
  3. It's a great weekend, I'll be there this year short of any major life crisis. Camping is my preferred method - heaps more fun and a bit cheaper than the hospitality.
  4. I'll be staying in Cowes again, probably with seating at Siberia or Lukey Heights
  5. I dont think the $850 includes accomodation. Only all the entry and the VIP status, Food, Drink, Marquee and all the TV's etc etc.

    If anyone is thinking about doing something like this let me know. I'm going by myself if I have too :grin:
  6. Does anyone know how much a camping spot costs??? Last year my old man and i went down for the first time (for me anyway and ALONG time since he went down). We stayed in cowes ($1200 for 4 nights) and bought grandstand seats in the second row of gardner straight ($235 each).

    Now it was nice to have a seat but i find the grandstand seating mostly a waste of money. You end up walking all around the track all day anyhow to get a different view from different parts of the track. No-one likes sitting in the one spot watching the bikes do the same piece of track all day. Therefore spending the money on a grand stand seat is alittle wasted. We spent 80% of the time walking around the track.

    Also the accomodation whilst good (warm, comfy bed, TV) was alittle over-priced and you lost the "atmosphere" of the whole weekend.
  7. General admission tickets are definitely the best value and (IMHO) offer the best views of the track. The exit of Turn 12 is a prime example. Seats are great if you're lazy or carrying a lot of riding gear.
    As far as getting to see Rossi and other racers...just go to the Isle of White after the race and they'll all be getting on the piss.
  8. Trackside is $99 for 3 days, plus the cost of general admission tix, which is about $130 for 3 days. So about $226 to camp and watch for all 3 days.
  9. Showers? Clean Toilets?
  10. showers and toilets - YES
    Clean showers and clean toilets - NOT FOR LONG.
  11. That certainly beats the $835 it cost me to do virtually the same thing last year. The only difference being i had a bedroom in a flat and not a tent.

    HMMM guess which option i'll be taking this year!

  12. Ok, have fun camping...

    So far, it looks like i'm doing this by myself. :cry:

    I hope it rains, you bastards... Bwahahahahah :LOL:
  13. Well imho, my take on the Rossi subject is that if we wins again this year that's it he's off to 4-wheels, otherwise it will be his motivation to go 800cc next year and win it then off to 4-wheels. :wink:
  14. Rossi has already said he will miss the big 4 strokes. He has nothing left to prove to anyone (except maybe himself). If he is going to make the jump to four wheels (F1/WRC) he has to do it sooner rather than later.

    And will the end of Rossi see the end of Jerremy Burgess. He was quoted as saying you only get one Rossi in your life time.

  15. Don't forget, the definition of the word 'tent' is quite loose... there are a few two storey monstrosities that go up around the trackside campground each year :grin: