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Grand Prairie Police Rodeo

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Not bad for a harley rider :rofl:

  2. This was posted on the DRRiders forum. Mad skillz.
  3. pity the poor bastard that has to place all the cones, and pick em up at the end of the day!.

    Wonder how long it took to steal all of them from construction sites?
  4. I've always believed that 90% of good riding is the rider not the bike, in that case it's more like 99% rider and 1% bike :)
  5. It can be a little bit deceptive what a particular bike is good for. I've never ridden a Harley so I don't know, but people I've spoken to who have, rave about their low speed handling. Skipper's FJR is also a doddle to ride at walking pace. It's a very big bike, and you never forget that, but once you get used to it you find you can ride it in a very positive and forthright way in a car park.

    The only sort of bike I haven't seen doing these gymkhana things are the ones with extended front ends. No choppers in sight at all.