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Grand Champion

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mischiefmaka, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. This is a bit of a shameless brag but i am very proud of my dogs and what they have achieved...
    last weekend "Vegas" a biatch from my 1st litter was titled a GRAND CHAMPION and she is just 3 years of age :dance: this is the highest goal i could ever hope to achieve in the show world so im very proud of this.
    A Grand Champion is an Australian Champion 10 times over ( only a handful of American Staffs in the country hold this honour )
    Vegas is owned and handled by my good friend Kristy up in NSW , she deserves most of the credit here as she is the one who has handled and cared for her...

    Vegas is a litter sister to the blue and white Girl i used to have as my avatar
    A few photos of the Girl in question
    Vegas aka " Aust Gr Ch Mischiefmaka PrettyVegas "

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  2. Congrats! She's a fine looking pooch. :)
  3. Congrats!!! A fit looking animal. I have 2 Am Staffs myself....Love them! they are such characters...Too bad most people misundersatnd them. They are my children i get very defensive over them. :)
  4. That's one hot b!tch! 8-[
  5. Nice looking dog and I'm sure most are badly portrayed in the media, I think they reflect more on the owner then the dog breed. On the side, what exactly do they look for when judging?
  6. Thanks guys...
    Do you have some pics you would like to share Syd Chiro? Id love to see your fur babies :)

    Hi Kilo , a judge looks for type and conformation, how the dog is put together, how the dog moves , how the dog reacts to its surroundings - temp etc, we of course have an individual breed standard that sets a bench mark for the breed and breeders aim to breed as closely to this as possible ( well most of us do, you will always get your few :jerk: breeding over done monsters in order to cater for the man with a small penis sydrome ) ...

    people who own this breed know what a wonderful family addition they make=D>
    Its a shame they are so very misunderstood and misrepresented by the Media and by the Plethora of cross breeds out there who are purposely ( due to the bans and bsl on Pitbulls ) listed incorrectly as Am staffs!
  7. stunning biatch!!!!

    At least she gets her tits out :p

    I'm a Rotty man myself, have a Chihuahua and just love the Staffies. They are a stunning breed.
  8. yeah all 8 of them :p
  9. Lovely dogs, congratulations on the win! I know the high level of competitiveness at shows (used to show horses myself) so well done you!
  10. Yeah I will upload some when I get home from work. Mine are both rescue dogs ( the male so will look mutt looking compared to champo there! We think the female is part English staff and Bear (the male).... Am staff but there maybe something like bull mastiff?? He is a big boy!
  11. Thanks you Ametha Elf ;)
    Good onya for rescuing Syd_Chiro :), Both the SBT and the mastiff are common breeds used for the mix by those Back yard breeders ...
  12. Congratulations, that's very impressive, you must be thrilled!

    Out of curiousity, as someone who knows very little about dog shows, how does the process work:

    How does a dog become Australian champion 10 times in 3 years? Is the Australian championship held more frequently than yearly? Or is it Australian champion in multiple categories, therefore adding up to a total of 10? Or are there different competitions per year each holding the title Australian Champion that qualify for Grand Champion? Just wondering how it works! :)
  13. Hi Bluesuede...

    To become an Australian Champion you must win enough Championship shows to be awarded the 100 points you need to become a champion...now to become a Grand champion is much harder, they have special criteria needed, its not simply winning the points as with the Champ title, here you must win against set numbers and win against ALL breeds ( this stops people from campaigning a dog out at the back of Bourke and winning by default as they are the only one of their breed present lol, you will suprized how far people are willing to travel in order to avoid the competition)
    For the Grand you must have 1000 points and these must include at least 1 BEST IN SHOW win at an all breeds championship show ( this is a very hard win for an AST only a few have managed this is the history of the breed in this country)
    Must also include at least 4 BEST IN GROUP wins or 4 wins of 25 points or higher..

    Champion dog shows are run via a process of elimination dogs are broken into 7 breed groups- its fairly complicated and takes a while to get the hang of...
    Toy (GP 1)
    Terrier (GP 2)
    Gun Dog (Gp 3)
    Hound (GP 4)
    Working Dog (GP 5)
    Utility (GP 6)
    Non-Sporting (GP 7)
    Each group competes in alphabetical order to find the best of every breed at the show..
    For me this is group 2 ( Terrier group) with every breed of Terrier competing against its own breed to narrow it down to find the Best of each breed of each dog listed in each group..
    Each dog is firstly shown in its own age bracket and against its own gender....( should be noted that no dog is eligible for points until he/she is at least 6 months of age)
    So you have the best males or every age bracket compete against each other to find the best dog of that breed Then you do the same with the females , then you put the best male and best female against each other to find the BEST OF BREED ...

    Once that process is complete with ALL breeds in your group you then compete the best of every breed in your group to find the best in group winner * judge is looking for the one dog that is the most fitting of its breed *

    This is done with all 7 groups, then the 7 Best in group winners compete against each other to find the BEST IN SHOW winner....

    The amstaff is NOT a popular breed amongst the show world, some believe it should be banned and others just dont know enough about the breed to appreciate it , the Amstaff is a fairly new breed to this country and given that most of the judges are 100 in the shade its no wonder many of them overlook the Amstaff for the big wins. lol

    Its a long and dead boring day at a dog show, you show for a few minutes and if you win you spend the rest of the day hanging around....Im very impatient and most of the dog show types are so not my type of people so i find the whole day very tedious ... So much so that i have formally decided to quit showing lol got a new love now..Riding!!!

    Ill still bring my guys out big annual Breed specialties and the royal shows because thats great PR work for the breed but other than that im done... proven all i have to anyway.