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Gran Turismo version with bikes . . . awesome.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, May 7, 2006.

  1. For those Playstation Gran Turismo fans out there.

    Have a look at this - Tourist Trophy

    Same format as Gran Turismo, only with bikes !!!

    Scroll through the bike lists !!
    It has everything from Motards, modern sportsbikes, 80s classics, GP specials . . etc.

    Looks like a future purchase ! :grin:
  2. Yeah, been talked about on here before. Looks good :)
  3. Looks wicked! :grin: Is It available here yet??
  4. I concur! looks wicked!
  5. Just looked it up, release 1st June 2006 (TBC) :)
  6. Actually have heard that the release date here in Australia has been set as May 25 (so only three weeks left to wait). It's already available in the US and Japan.
  7. All those great bikes and they have forgotten the mightiest off them all....................How are they going to get the mail thru without the CT110????
  8. i hope they do a good job, its about time we get some GOOD bike games
  9. If the video is a true representation of the game, damn i want it :)
  10. Looks great. It's all gonna come down to the gameplay tho...

    If the way that the bikes handle aren't accurate, or it has too much of an "arcadey" feel to it, I reckon that it could kill what looks to be a mad game.. in IMO....
  11. apparently the bikes handle ok but not great, someone said that when you hit the front brake mid corner the bike doesn't try to stand up which is a worry/pity. i also read that none of the developers/programmers ride bikes :?

    i'm in the process of getting my paws on it, i'll reserve judgement til then :)
  12. MccOfNSW is helping with the Sydney launch.

    And while non of devs/programmers ride, the head game designer is an addict.
  13. do they have a track IR or something for that ?

  14. . . . and the CB250 !

    There are licence tests in this game also !!!
  15. with the wonders of peer to peer networks i think it'll be in some australian households much sooner than that... :-$ 8-[ :-w

    serves them right for not getting it to the 2nd world (us) sooner.
  16. :LOL: True, but that'll be the US version, not the European version - not sure if there's any differences between them but there has been with Gran Tursimo in the past (the Europe/Aus version of GT4 featured more cars than the US version to make up for the delay in release).
  17. damn no TT600... what a shame I'll have to ride the valmoto daytona instread!!!

    That Game look Awesome...
  18. I am dying to get my paws on MotoGP '06 for the Xbox 360. It will be shown at E3 this week in LA, and you will be able to race 19 other gamers online!
  19. I have pre ordered this game, can't wait to get hold of it!. It looks awesome :grin:
  20. Theres a GPZ900. Im sold :)