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Gran Turismo on PSP !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. I picked up a copy of it . . . . first impressions . . Very Impressed !

    Gameplay is typical GT style, and they have done it quite well for the PSP. It makes me wonder how much more potential the PSP has with software upgrades because this game is way ahead of any other driving simulator, it puts the rest to shame !

    Criticisms . . . no full customisation of cars and no career mode.

    But overall . . . . Awesome Game, it has made my PSP worthy again ! :)
  2. man i haven't touched my PSP in forever! I was thinking of selling the little thing but a new model is coming out soon so don't know how fruitful that shall be
  3. IMHO the psp is a better mp4 player then the 8gig ipod touch. Slightly longer battery life, bigger screen, built in speakers and the fast forward/preview is very well done.
  4. Hopefully it makes it onto the big console soon.........

    No Career mode?? so is it all just time attack or single race? more orientated to multi-player link ups. That's disappointing
  5. It got panned by the reviewer on ign.
  6. yeah, it is a half-arsed effort by the software company - but for the PSP, the graphics and gameplay physics is brilliant !

    They have left out the key items typical to Gran Turismo -
    1. The parts upgrade and tuning.
    2. The themed races. ie FWD Only Races, Classic Cars Only etc.
    3. Career Mode.

    Overall, i'm still impressed with it.
  7. Since we are talking about PSP's, The 3 best games I have on PSP are:

    Texas Hold em
    God of War
    Brothers in arms

    Old but really awesome IMO.
  8. yeah, on that note, mine are . . . .

    Syphon Filter series.
    Ace Combat X
    Gran Turismo

    Others that are worth a mention . . .

    MotoGP 08
    SBK 08

    . . . . yeah, I have a few PSP UMDs ! :)
  9. I bought the gran turismo yesterday, definately good game play.

    Also bought motorstorm arctic edge, great game, graphics, and game play is the same as ps3, and has career mode as well....
  10. 1. Monster Hunter freedom unite
    2. Final Fantasy tactics - war of the lions
    3. Bleach - soul carnival

    btw, if you can't tell from the games already, im asian. LOL

    GT-was looking at getting it.. but im playing prologue on the ps3 with steering wheel, can't turn back from steering wheel once you've tried. Need to save 1 million credits to buy Kimi's F1 car! ><
  11. I'm really liking this game !

    The Driving Challenges are addicting and at the same time annoying ! I'm upto Stage P now with tests on the Nurburgring Nordsch . . .

    Attention to detail is brilliant. Like when you purchase the Bug Veyron, the rear spolier activates. - continuous adjustments on long straights, & used as an air-brake when braking hard !) . .

    Now what they need to do is do a PSP version of Tourist Trophy.