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Grampians Ride to Remember - 1st February 2015

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Berty, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. 2015 GRAMPIANS “RIDE TO REMEMBER” Sunday, 1st February
    Departing Time:
    9.00am: Ride (188kms)
    Ararat Performing Arts Centre business precinct in Barkly St, Ararat.
    Taking in the rural countryside of the Ararat Rural City municipality and to the fringes of the magnificent Grampians National Park including the townships of Maroona to Willaura for Morning Tea at 9.30am.
    The Ride then travels on the Willaura - Wickcliffe Rd and Chatsworth - Woorndoo Rd through to Lake Bolac then onto Streatham and back via the Eurambeen - Streatham Rd to the Geelong Rd through to Ararat for a relaxing BBQ in the Alexandra Gardens.

    Google map: http://goo.gl/maps/5J5fJ

    Link to extra detail including registration: http://www.remember.org.au/getattac...67cf4991/2015-Grampians-Ride-to-Remember.aspx

    There is lots more information including contact details for the organisers in the link above. I'll be riding, hope some other Netriders can make it too. :)

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  2. It's not fair! I wish I lived in Victoria- you do lots and lots of fun social things, go on good rides and flaunt them on NR...:(
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  3. Thank you for posting the link Berty! It is terrific day out with lots of people taking part, it's for a good cause and a nice fundraiser for a hospital I work for. So I'll be there too even though as a pillion this time. See you there :)
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  4. Oldmaid, how about you move down here then! We'll love to have you in Vic! A bit colder in winter, but the company is awesome :)
  5. Yeah OldmaidOldmaid, NR is a good flaunt ;)

    Come visit! You could tack the Ride to Remember onto take Wasabi on a grand tour of the Aussie coast line ..... ;)
  6. I know Fr33dmFr33dm I really prefer the cold too! You guys are so much more vocal and social! Change in personal situation very recently - yippee yiyay - foot loose and fancy free...just can't move anywhere until my specialist training finishes in 2016...:(
    Have bike will ride...enjoy those beautiful Grampians!;)
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  7. Then you definitely should move South! Between Grampians, GOR and High Country you can't go wrong :) Can I make a suggestion for your next long service leave? Kind of try before you buy thing. And there is plenty of work down here in A&E departments of all shapes and sizes from little place I work for all the way to The Alfred!
  8. Sounds like a plan....doing a rural placement later in 2015 so who knows what doors that may open...lots of good riding out in far western NSW as well and who knows who I'll meet out in the bush!:whistle:
    Maybe I can wrangle Albury Wodonga???;) Will definitely venture down to do the Omeo and further south...a delightful carrot to get me through my next depressing rotation..sigh:alien:
  9. But, I thought you liked corners.

    Far western NSW, you need a cut lunch and cruise control to get from one corner to the next.

    I'd hesitate to comment about who, or what you might meet out there.
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  10. I am the by product of a long and lazy line of in-breeders...I get me boots made special like for me extra toes and wear my beanie extra low to cover me gills:p

    Seriously...lotta cousin things happening in that ole family tree:alien:

    As long as beer, bodies and bikes I'll be right!
  11. Would love to join you but will be travelling for work.

    Have a great time.
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  12. I know that feeling too well and I am determined 2015 will be work fitting in around my ride time! ;)
    I hope you're travelling somewhere reasonably fabulous despite the work part. :)
  13. OK, so under a week away now.

    If you are not already aware you can register online before the day :)
  14. How many bikes are they expecting this year? Contrary to what I thought, hubby's quite keen and we "may" be able to swing it with some planning.
  15. Hi JozlynJozlyn, this ride is an annual event fundraiser for the hospital I work for. Every year we have over 100 bikes taking part, and riders come from far and wide. It is great fun day, always runs very well and has fantastic atmosphere. The ride is under police escort, so traffic is kept at bay. It actually may be terrific experience for you. As I said before, you and your husband are most welcome to stay at my place the night before if that will be easier on you, and stay Sunday night here as well before riding home. I'll have space in my garage for two extra bikes :) Have a think about it, I feel you'll have great time riding.
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  16. Oh man! The Grampians! One of my favourite places. Used to holiday there with the folks. We'd go walking all day, then I'd put the runners on and race up to the tops of the peaks again! Good country around there, some nice roads for bikes, particularly through the Wonderland range. Fr33dmFr33dm & JozlynJozlyn, want some ride photos when you are up to it. Here's a challenge: post a photo of your bikes together at the Mt Difficult lookout within 12months! :p
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  17. Deal!
  18. Sure!
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  19. We're coming. See you there. 8)
    Thanks Fr33dmFr33dm for your help.;-)
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  20. Sounds awesome, enjoy guys. Hope to do the Grampians soon myself. =D
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