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Gracemere to Noosa Heads return

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, May 10, 2015.

  1. I left Gracemere Friday afternoon at 17:30, set camp at Gypie at 23:30, it was a chilly dewy night, breakfast and coffee then on to Noosaville, I had time to spare so I rode around and checked out the area.

    My freind Kevin from Brisbane turned up at 10:00 riding a borrowed 1600 Thunderbird, Nice ride, lots of chrome, bit loud for my taste, it was quick of the mark in the straight but slow on the corners, to me it smelled like it was running to rich anyway we had coffee then went and checked out the Ducatti/Benelli Dealership and drooled on a few bikes, 1200 Multistrada and the 1200 Benelli Trek after talking bikes for a while we headed off to find some lunch and end up sharing a kilo of prawns and a dozen oysters along side the river.

    After a lot of talking we head off for home at 15:00 Saturday afternoon, Kevin heads back to Brisbane I head north back to Gacemere arriving home at 21:00.

    Overall a good ride (1211kms), bike ran well, no trouble with Mr Plod, a few sightings of Skippy and friends on the road side without incident, no rain thats always good, 61.5 litres of fuel for an average of 19.6km per Lt







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  2. Thanks for the post Highett, touring, friends and food the three greats of motorcycling. :)
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  3. Your not wrong there
  4. Living the dream :) Your machine looks really well kitted for the job :)
  5. Sounds like a perfect roadtrip.
    Just curious if you stayed in a rest area,Or in a caravan park or other?
    Regards Jason
  6. Independant Camping (Free)

    I prefer the rest areas as most have toilets, Picnic tables etc. I have done bush camps and truck stops as well, I carry everything I need so if I get tired I just pull in and set camp.

    I nice grassy spot makes for a good nights sleep, I also like making use of picnic tables in shelters as well, they are good if the weather looks like rain.

    Heres some more camp sites,
    Whiporie NSW

    Nanango QLD

    Nhill, Victoria

    Atherton Tableland QLD

    Barrier Hwy near Broken Hill, New South Wales

    Narrandera, New South Wales

    Bush Camp - Coree, Australian Capital Territory
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  7. They look cosey.
    Is there ever any unwanted visitors when you camp in these places?
  8. I have never had a problem, but then I pick the place where I camp, if it does not feel right then I move on also I am not foolish enough to think that something could never happen but then if we worried about sh*t that may happen then we would never go outside let alone ride.