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Gracebeey upgraded to a K6 SV650!!! (and it's beautiful!!!!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gracebeey, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Yes, it's true!!! After a couple of months pondering if I should upgrade or not - due to my upcoming move (thanks to NR members who helped me work out the interstate rego requirements), I decided that an upgrade is sorely overdue! :grin:

    Then came the hard part - actually deciding which bike to get! Torn between a really good looking TRX (thanks to Dirty Trix for helping me checking it out) and the FZ6N, SV650, Hornet 600, etc. I've finally settled on an unexpected contender.

    I went to the bike shop today to check out an 03 SV650S, but whilst I was there I saw an 06 SV650 (naked) that had JUST got in. I was in love. I don't know if it was the Turqoise colour, Black frame, Yoshi pipe or even the Oggy Knobs, point is, I was sold!

    It felt familiar to my GS500 in terms of riding position - which I like. Sports stance just hurts my back - especially because I commute on my bike.

    2 hours of negotiation later.....it's mine!!!! :grin: I had a bit of a teary moment there when I realised that means I've sold my first love ( :( ). Actually, I think I cried :oops: .

    I'll pick it up on Saturday after they lower it (yes, still a problem of mine), and then I will have pictures to put up here.

    In the mean time, the official picture of the model that I got (the only difference is the can):


  2. Grats on the upgrade.
  3. Congrats Grace. Thats a good choice \:D/
  4. Very hot. I'm looking at getting a 650s when my turn comes along.

    How much did pay all up if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Congrats, great choice too :) I have an 04 SV650n.

    How are you getting it lowered? Different dogbones in the rear suspension and sliding the front forks up? I found that the Suzuki OEM lowered seat did wonders for me (I'm 169cm, no idea what inseam). In fact, I find the new seat more comfortable than the original one.
  6. Cool.... it's even got the miniscreen. Woot!

    With the yoshi and oggy knobs on it what else is there to bling? I cant see much I'd want to change on it.

    Best bling I can think of is wheelie training - and some Conti Attacks or similar so you can get your knee down.

    Cant wait to see it on the dyno day, should be interesting to see the power curve of that versus the TRX. Plus it will be great to hear both of them booming on dyno instead of just inline 4's.
  7. V-Twins are awesome!!!! :grin: Yeah I'll try and make it to the dyno session, I'm picking up the bike on Saturday morn so if they don't try and sell me more stuff (ie. 'Your helmet looks like it needs an upgrade') I'll be out in an hour or so.

    I'm just having the rear suspension link (dog bones) changed - same with the GS500. I don't wanna touch the seat....last time I did and my backside never did forgive me for it. Especially on longer runs (400+ks).

    I got it for $9,300 ride away (not a cent more for anything). This is before tradein, of course. I figured it's a good deal - near new (3000kms), warranty still good, oggy knobs already put in, Yoshi pipe, PLUS lower rear suspension link.

    And the sheer pretty-ness of it, of course :grin: . Only a girl can truly appreciate the Aqua colour. :p

    PS: If you guys don't hear from me in the next few days, that's because my partner has killed me for going $2000 over the budget.
  8. They are really really awesome! They sound magical with a nice pipe like the yoshi :twisted:

    Top choice of bike, I've got the bigger brother, SV1000S and I love it!
  9. yet another new bike . Its a great bike no doubt. I almost got the 1000 before I settled on the sprint.
    Now , new helmet , jacket , boots... or will everything you have co-ordinate .
    Congratulations on your new bike. Its absolutely gorgeous .
  10. I sold one today and booked another one in.

    The one I got today is gorgeous (for a suzuki) ;)
  11. kewl.... Look forward to seeing it in a new post 'Vic's Gorgeous.... ' :)
    Loving all these new bike posts .
  12. congrats on your toy they are a very easy bike and a lot of fun to ride...oh yeah and they they sounds nuts too :wink:
  14. Congrats Gracy! Looks sexy :cool: