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Gracebeey is moving to Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by gracebeey, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all!

    After much glorious riding in Brisbane, I've decided that it's time to move on....move on to a state that could appreciate the versatility of motorcycles better (refer to picture below).


    In all seriousness though, I'm moving to Melbourne in LESS THAN A WEEK (!! Panic !!), and can't wait to meet all the good Victorian Netriderians (?).

    I'd appreciate any pointers on popular ride areas, bike shopping areas and perhaps what to watch out for (I've been told that tram lines are very bad, and so is the zero tolerance on speed limits).

    Please also don't hesitate to let me know if you need me to bring over any famous Queensland pies - as we all know, all good pies come from Queensland! :grin:

  2. Welcome to Victoria!

    The best thing about it for riders is that you can park on the footpath!!

    Elizabeth St in the city is a bit of a Mecca for bikes. Ringwood also has a strip with high density of bike shops.

    Lots of lovely curvy roads fairly close to the city. Not just the Black and Reefton spurs but others too!

    Most importantly is that there is mighty fine coffee all over the place.

    Look forward to sharing some with you at one of the many Netrider Coffee nights, ride days, workshop days, gear nights etc etc.

  3. hi and welcome
  4. Once you get used to the way that we do things, you will probably fit right in.
  5. All the best with the move Gracebeey :) Tramlines yep, but it might also pay to learn a little about Trams themselves, such as correct passing etc..

    Plenty of good spots to go riding - Black and Reefton spurs plus all those roads up around there which I'm sure you'll get to know well, but also have a wander out to Gippsland if you get the chance. If you're keen to, sing out as there's heaps of Gippy riders around who'd I'm sure would be happy to show you the good stuff. :grin:
  6. welcome to victoria
  7. Thanks for the tip WGM! And Rosie I will definitely holler out when I get down next week - hopefully my bike gets there by the weekend. Do you guys have weekly coffee meets on weekends? If so, where and what time?


  8. Don't do it!
  9. Quarterwit: Don't do what? The move? Nah I've always wanted to live in Melbourne, and things are well on its way now! I have a two year contract with my firm so if I hate it that much I can go back to my home office in Brisbane anyway! :p
  10. welcome to melbourne, moved back from brissy about 3 yrs ago.....the 2 life styles are completely different though, but both have there good points :)
  11. Welcome to Melbourne...

    No pies, just bring us the rain, we need it badly.. :evil:
  12. I always wanted to live down here too!

    But good on you - it takes balls to move across the country. Follow your dreams mate!
  13. Hi and welcome.

    Coffee nights happen on monday, tuesday, thursday (after the ride), friday and saturday. As always depends on where you are staying. Just look at the vic events page.

    If you need someone to rock up with then give us a shout.

    Good luck with the move. I moved from the other side of the world and it was not too stressful.