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GPZ900Rs at Clipstone and SpotOn

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by The Snow Dog, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. The one at Spot On I haven't seen, but it's way overpriced for an '87 GPZ900R.

    The one at Clipstone looks just like the one I looked at there over a year ago - and it was an absolute dog. No way it was 25000 K's - more like 125000 HARD K's, and parked out in the weather since '87 too :LOL:
  2. the one at clipstone is a rat box ...and its been there forever .... good luck getting a "good" 900R as i couldnt find one and i looked for ages ... however theres a place that brings them in as grey imports from japan ... where they were a current model right up until the late 90,s ... the model designation went to A 19 ... ie they were sold over there for over 19 years ... a bit of serching the web will find a japanese site that has all the models and the color schemes ... i used to have the web page but have lost it ..... there was one in qld .... an 89 model ... their black and charcoal ... was in prime nic but probably gone now
  3. opps ............. over 19 models .... not years
  4. Thanks fellas - that saves me a trip out to Clipstone. I haven't had too much like tracking down 'good' ones myself over the last six months. :(

    Eberbachl, you used to own one until recently didn't you? I gather you tried replacing it?

    Maybe I could try expanding my search to include bikes like the Katana/FZR1000/GSXR1100 etc. cats, you're not interested in offloading that Gixxer are you?
  5. Yes, I tried to replace my old one which was written off. Unfortunately despite looking at quite a few, they were all dogs - even the expensive ones.


    They're a great bike - I loved mine for nine years, but I couldn't find a decent replacement for it - hence I ended up with the GSX750F, which I'm very happy with.

    I agree about a genuine old Katana - I love those too - but nice Kats are just as hard to find nowadays ;)
  6. yeah harder to find than 900R,s
  7. Quite a few of the bikes at Spot-On have been around for a while sitting in a warehouse.

    They also don't offer a whole lot in the way of price drop even if you offer cash.

    They tried to convince my fiance, that although the ad said it had 12months rego, that they were willing to throw that in, if he paid cash.

    Last time he checked, they were stilling trying to sell a FZR1000 that was there when he bought his 600 in early 2003.
  8. also if you are trying to get one of the imports .... look at the late 88 onward ... they changed to 17 inch front wheel and the modern 3 spoke wheels
  9. FWIW, if anyone else is looking, the GPZ at Peter Stevens in Geelong is pretty rough too. :( What a shame - my favourite color scheme. This is the first time I've actually searched for a second hand machine via the web and am suprised at just how much the photos can 'lie'.

    jd thanks for that link. It's going to be difficult getting up there buy I'll give them a call this week and see what else they can tell me.

    I know there's good ones out there - I've seen them on the road...