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GPZ900R Riders or Owners

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fchan, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Hi there, anyone in NSW or in Sydney metropolitan area ride a GPZ900R? I would like to know there's how many people own a GPZ900R whether active or not.

  2. Think you could ask for any model GPZ and don't recall any owners here

    So any pics of yours??

    Saw a really nice original one at Kulnura one day, he only paid few grand for a great classic
  3. Frankie, you pop up in all the fun places mate!

    Did you get my PM about the 900r parts in WA?

  4. Here's my GPZ900R-A1 model currently restoring.

    Attached Files:

  5. Yeah trying to find GPZ900R owners as we are going to have our own club soon. I didn't get any PM from you regarding the parts in WA. When did you pm me?

  6. will send it again. Found a nice little cache of parts inc 2 lots of fairings and frames etc :)
  7. This is Bruce's bike , hence his Nic ZX9A6

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    • zx9.
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  8. That is one nice GPZ. By any chance is Bruce a member of the GPZ Owners Club?
  9. Wayne, I still have not get it. When and where did you send it to?
  10. Uhuh , yeah been a member of the English GPZ owners club for a long time , knows of an aus club which is still in the construction stage as far as he knows .. :)
  11. Looks great

    So what's the story with the 16" front - which models had that??
  12. As mentioned A1 1984. I think from A-1 to A-7 had 16" front.
  13. Yes the AU Club will start soon so this is the reason why I'm looking for GPZ owner in NSW. Hopefully I can find as many as possible :)
  14. Hey, keep me informed!

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Sure Andrew. Where about are you from?

  16. Canberra. I also have the GPZ's big, ugly sister (GTR).
    I'd be really keen to see a GPZ and perhaps related bikes forum kick off.
    Will you include the air cooled GPZ's as well? Probably a good idea, more members etc.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Awesome!!
    I've got a GPz750 tucked away on the garage too.
    I've already had a couple of false starts on starting a GPz forum.
    I already own gpzrider.com and kwakarider.org.
    I've even got hosting organised.
    Lemme know if you want to do something! :D
  18. Hey Andrew, I have mentioned your website to the others GPZ900R riders. We'll see what happen.
  19. I've passed the info to the other GPZ900R riders. We'll see what happen :)

    Unfortunately Andrew got the gpzrider.com