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GPZ500S Your views please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Brian26146, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Anyone know anything about this particular model. Looking at one with 38K on it.

    Did they have any particular problems to look for?

    Also the GSX500. I think I have read good comments on these. About 45K on the clock.

    Which would you buy if price was close to each other?

    Are they ok for shortish (fem) people?

    Welcome your thoughts.
  2. I owned a GS500E and previously a GPZ500S.

    Of the two, the GPZ500S is the more powerful and more modern model. The GPZ500S is watercooled and has a fairing which may be beneficial for the kind of riding you're going to do. It's probably good for another 20kph on the GS500, and will be cheaper to run with it's more modern engine.

    The GS500 is the kind of bike thats very simple, reliable and you'd struggle to kill it with an axe. It handles reasonably well, probably better than the early 16" front wheel GPZ500's.

    Probably you will find the GPZ feels a little bit smaller, lower and lighter, and comes in a nice girly red/white/pink option.
  3. Thanks for your comments. Very interesting.

    The bike we buy is for daughter.

    Sounds like the kwacker is more suitable for shorter people then.

    Thanks again.
  4. I remember the seat height as being very very low too, way lower than my GS500.

    From what I saw from a quick look on the web, the first generation (1987) were only 760mm..... Thats lower than many 250's.
  5. I once met a couple whilst in Alice Springs who were riding one (two up) around Australia. They were on the return leg at the time. That might give you some indication.
  6. Not sure about the GPZ as a whole, but I had several mates with LTD 450s and 500s which had basically the same powerplant. All were stone reliable for 150,000 miles and were also remarkably fast so engine reliability shouldn't be a problem.

    There was also a bloke in the UK who, for several years running, won everything in the way of hillclimbs and twisty sprints riding the doggiest GPZ500S you could ever hope to see so the handling must be pretty good and very light and nimble (vital for that sort of event).