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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by speedyTX3, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    First of all, I've had a search about this and haven't found what I'm after.

    In SA LAMS states that amongst approved bikes you can get a Kawasaki EX500a which to my understanding is a GPZ500 right?

    Well, everywhere I've looked I cant find an ex500A for sale, only 500S models... whats the deal with this? Are they the same thing?

    I am 6'6 and from what I've been told, and read on here, the GPZ is a pretty reasonable option for my height.

    Are there any differences between the 500a and 500s models and what are they?

    and, lastly, is the GPZ500s LAMS approved?


    Marko T.
  2. yeh, ive gone through all that but I'm asking about the ex500a specifically. I cant find anything like that for sale, all the gpz's say 500s or just 500.

    So far i know that ex500A were made from 1987 - 1994 and were sold under that GPZ code name.

    What i want to know is if the GPZ500s is actually a code name for ex500a or if not what is?
  3. Kawasakis are weird like this.

    I had a KLR650 - not on LAMS list, but the KL650A, KL650B and KL650C all are.

    The rego sticker should say LAMS on it though from what I see in NSW.

    Google brings up plenty under "ex500a gpz500"

    Like this - same bikes according to this http://www.kojaycat.com/kawasaki.htm
  4. Yeah, I know zzr250 and gpx250 are both part of the ex250 family. With different letters after the ex250 to differentiate between models.
  5. yeah been looking for the info before but found nothing until just before

    It turns out that the 1987 - 1994 GPZ500s IS an ex500a

    For future reference to anyone else:


    GPZ500S (A)

    Model code - EX500A Note. The European spec B model ran concurrently with the A model and benefited from having twin front brake discs. The C model was produced in 1992 solely for the Japanese home market and was restricted to 38bhp.

    C.C. - 498
    B.H.P. - 60
    Top Speed (M.P.H.) - 130
    Standing 1/4 mile (seconds) - 12.96
    M.P.G. (range or average) - 33 - 70
    Dry weight (kg) - 169
    OEM tyre sizes (front & rear) - 100/90 H16, 120/90 H16
    Tyre pressures (front/rear) (also applies to GPZ400S) - 28/32psi (solo), 32/36 (laden)

    Aftermarket exhaust systems - MiVV, BSM, Jama, Laser K2, Nexxus, Micron 2000E, Yoshi

    Riders views

    Bridgestone BT45s are a popular choice for the 16" wheel 500S "Excellent in the dry, fine in the wet", "…clings to the road", "Flawless - 'nuff said!", as are Metzeler ME33/99s "Great…", Continental TKVs "Better than OE" and Avons "Good". Pirelli Stradas also received a mention.

    A number of bikes are running the OE system, however be warned it does seem prone to rot, especially around the balance pipe. There are numerous replacement systems available with the Motad Nexxus 2-1 proving the most common and popular "Nice sound, good looks", "easy to fit and sounds okay", "Nice rip off the pipe over 7000 revs", however one owner did report problems with fitting his Motad system. The Micron 2-1 system is also proving popular "…gives a lovely exhaust note", "Sounds great", "Smoothed acceleration" as is the Predator system, which is rated by one owner as "Brilliant". There were also good reports for the Jama 2-2 system "Sounds nice", "Chrome finish gives a neat look". Suggestions to improve the OE system include "Remove and modify the baffles to give better exhaust flow, smoother idle and make it easier to balance carbs".

    Other mods:
    These include fitting a flip screen, mini indicators and a replacement rear shock.
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  7. The biggest thing to look at with LAMS ... is they are not specifically listed as the models that we have ... eg. ZZR vs. GPX
    The LAMS is about the base models. The ZZR and the GPX are the same engine, but different frames, but are both considered as EX models. Even the older less known GPZ which is actually an early GPX.
    The reference to the KLR650 basically means that most bikes are released as a stock, the KL650, and a 'race' model, the KLR650. This does not neccesarily mean that the KLR is a different model, but purely tuned to have more power, and does not meet the specs of LAMS approval.
    If in doubt thought, the best thing you can do is call SA registration office and ask them, or possibly a police station.
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  9. hehe yeah, they probably updated it a few times since :)
  10. The confusion comes from bike companies, which compliance the bike under a model number which sometimes is very different to the "marketing name" that the bike is advertised and badged.

    For example, a bike sold as "ZZR" marketing name here is an "ZX" in USA.
    The ZZR250 is EX250, the ZZR600 is ZX600 model number.
    The 1000GTR is called "Concours" in the USA and model number is ZG1000.
    The first E-series Ford Falcon was called Falcon but model I.D. is "EA26".

    Kawasaki seem to be the worst/most confusing at this.
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  12. You should be able to see ZR550B on the compliance plate where it
    says "Model"

    Then you could take it to Roads and have its status changed
    to LAMS if you want.
  13. RTA "Kawasaki GPZ500 (EX500) and Z650 are Approved Motorcycles for Novice Riders’ in NSW if the rider was the registered operator prior to 1 April 2010 "

    So I guess they removed it. Whats the reason? if it was under the power to weight ratio wouldnt it remain LAMS and if it was over the limit why was it LAMS in the first place
  14. A book I have says the GPZ continued after 1994. It was fitted with 17 inch wheels and forks were upgraded to wider 37mm units. I don't know if this version was ever sold here though.

    GPZ500S is alternate name for EX500A as far as I know, and I reckon that EX500S would be the post '94 version (which was sold in the USA as GPZ500R).