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GPZ250R wiring diagram help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Heinz_Guderian, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I am hoping somebody out there can help me with a scan of the wiring diagram for a Kawasaki GPZ250R (the 'swoopy' 1986 water cooled GPZ). Kawa sell the GPZ250R manual as the 'base manual' for the GPX, so if you've ever bought the 2-part factory manual for your GPX than you would have been given this.

    The reason is I have put a GPX250 motor into a GPZ250R, and have to sort out the CDI wiring.

    Also very helpful to me would be a close-up photo of the plug that fits into the CDI box on a GPX... this will help me sort out which colour wire fits into which specific terminal: something that wiring diagrams do not show.

    All help is, of course, appreciated.
  2. I have it in PDF format if you still need it.
    PM me and I can mail it to you on disc
  3. Ill go outside and take a pic if you want, but it might take a while :) Its dark atm.
  4. Edit: I just checked the date of first post. Fkn digging up old threads ftw.
  5. Many thanks for offers, all problems now solved. Well, we got the bike going but unfortunately there was a motorcycle/rider/ditch-by-roadside interface incident and the GPZ is now a bit smashed up.
  6. Hope they are not put off on riding, better to learn something on an older bike than a newer anyway.
    Hope they were not hurt, or if they were get better.