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GPZ250R or GPX250 with a fairing removed??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drew, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. The GPZ250 was air-cooled, but the GPX250R did have the newer water-cooled engine (possibly the same as that used in the GPX, but not sure). Other major difference is that the R version uses chain drive, the older GPZ was belt driven. And no it's not missing any fairings, but the year does seem wrong (only sold here officially in 87,88 and 89).
  2. ok.. wasn't aware they made an R version.

    I knew the GPZ was air cooled and belt drive.

    just looks like the fairing has been removed. very sudden end to it....... could understand if it was air cooled.

    Thanks anyway.....
  3. looks like tha stand is gone too.... wondered why take a photo against and old shed wall?
  4. The lack of a lower fairing is fairly typical of a lot of late 80's Japanese bikes. There's some (limited) info on the bike here.
  5. thanks mate
  6. looks like a blast actually..... in the unique, 80's, 250, kind of way ;)
  7. If it is using the GPX motor then parts would be easy - could make for an interesting resto project but only if you have an unhealthy fascination with obscure Japanese bikes (like me).
  8. was looing at it as a cheap learner... may be do it up as i go......

    but "life" stole all my bike money again so i'm just window shopping again.
  9. GPZ was a little fatter looking. Thats not an original paint job anyway ( i dont think) I have asoft spot for the GPZ it looked just like a shrunken GPZ 750. Keep looking Drew, something will come up.
  10. Looks a lot like an '86/87 GPX, after that they changed to the current shape.

  11. LOL first of the GPX/ZZR/EL250's this is the first bike the EX250?? engine was used... as simple as that...

    Some one once told me there are some internal parts that are interchangeable b/w the old GPZ (air cooled, same engine as the Z250 (not C model)) but i'M not %100 on that...

    LOL these engines have been around for as long as the the CB250 engine!!
  12. love the look of that black GPX....

    easy spare yep thats 1 of the primary considerations.....

    if it blows cani fix it?.... hope I never have to think about that.