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gpz250 and oil checking

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by twistngo, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. hi, I just got an old gpz250 and to check the oil I'm supposed to look through a little window. but the bike is so old the window is opaque and I can't see a thing. is there another way to work out how much oil is in there?
    in theory its just been serviced so I don't want to have it done again unless I have to. It doesn't seem to have a dip stick, I'm still trying to chase up a manual and I can't talk to mechanics until monday but I want to ride it tomorrow.

  2. sometimes the oil glass can be weathered on the outside, try moistening it and seeing if it becomes clearer. failing that, dump the oil and fill up to manufacturors specs. however you may need the manual to find that out, which also may have another method of checking.
    i used to dab my finger in oil and use that to moisten the inspection glass. worked for me.
  3. ta, worked for me too! I also cruised the web to find out I can't have it on the side or centre stand to check the oil. Still can't find the min and max line but I know something is in there at about the right level.
  4. :woot:
    good to hear!
    from memory with the bike vertical, you should see about 3-5mm of airbubble in the inspection glass. dont quote me though, it was 1996 when i owned one :p
    if when you tilt your bike from side to side you see air-oil-air-oil it should be ok.
  5. what year model is your gpz? i may be able to help with a manual
  6. its 1985, one of the belt drive ones.
    a manual would be great. I plan to start looking in the book shops tomorrow.
  7. damn, that makes it an ex250...dont have that one. bugger all difference, but you best get the right one.
  8. thanks for looking. In case you're wondering I bought it because it had 18000 k on it, nothing obviously wrong and has had a fair bit of work done on it recently.
    Hopefully it will last until I get off restrictions.
  9. i loved my gpz250, it was also belt driven, but an 83 i think.
    if i could suggest a bomb-proof bike for a leaner that also like to be able to self-service etc....the gpz is perfect. you will get 140+k's out of her (not that you will :grin:) belt is smooth, no grease marked pants, not too much fairing to break if you drop it, motor is there for you to look at and parts easy enough to find.
    if you are still around these parts when you are done with it, let me know, i would love to have one in my shed
  10. took the little rascal for a fang and a lot of the crud disappeared. no longer just a oil/no oil blur!