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GPz 750 front fairing

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by slygrog, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Quick note to let everyone know I'm selling a GPz 750 front fairing. Not sure what year it's from as it came with a bike I bought last year, but it is in fair nick. I'm selling it on eBay and thought I'd pop it in here too.

    Here's the eBay link.

    I didn't know what to set the starting price at so it's $150. Here's the description I wrote for eBay:

    "This is the front fairing of a Kawasaki GPz 750 but it could fit other models. It came as a spare part when I bought a GPz 550 from eBay over a year ago. It's in good condition, with a few light scratches (which I point out in the video below and you can see in the images).

    The bracket is attached and the headlight bit is in the front. Not sure if there is a bulb. As far as I can see, the bracket looks straight and is in good condition.

    Rearview mirrors are attached.

    There are bolts and stuff in their holes.

    The windscreen is included but is not attached. It is also in good condition, with a faint adhesive outline from a registration sticker. There's one minor scratch, tried to show it in the photo but I sort of failed - I forgot to photograph it in the sunlight. It looks like it will fit straight on, as all the holes line up with the fairing, but in the time that I've had it I have not assembled it. I can't see how it would not fit, though. Don't have the bolts/screws/whatever for this.

    I don't know much more than the above - like I said, it just came with a bike I bought. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have, though, as long as it's something I can find or figure out. If you can't pick up but want to arrange a courier or whatever I can work with that.

    Here's a video of the fairing: http://youtu.be/MbZUx9ispQU"
  2. Gidday i know this was posted a while ago but if you still have the fairing I'll buy it.
Thread Status:
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