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GPZ 600R Rebuild

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by walkahz, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Have been looking for a cheap bike to replace my fzr 250 that is about to be put into permanent retirement.
    Was trawling ebay and found a pair of unfinished projects 1 GPZ 600 and 1 GPX 600. Went to have a look and found myself coming home with another 2 bikes to add to the stable.
    The bikes are in a bit of a bad way but seem to have the majority of the bits there in boxes, (well enough to make 1 complete bike out of anyway.
    The plan is to fix up the GPZ and historic rego it hopefully being ready by the time i am off restrictions in september (not likely), the black bikes fate will be decided as the project continues.
    Here is the current stable


    I have stripped the GPZ back to a bare chassis and will rebuild up as time and budget permits.
    If anyone has any tips or tricks with these bikes i would be glad to hear them
  2. tips ? you've got kwakkas mate - your already leaps & bounds above the competition :p

    keep us posted - always fancied the gpx 600's as i had a lil 250 one for my first bike
  3. Got It all Stripped back to a bare frame

    Its all painted now and almost ready to put everything back on.
    Now its just a matter of stripping off all the old paint on all the other parts that has been layered on by previous owners.
  4. Great mate. Keep throwing the pics up - everyone loves work in progress pictures!
  5. Well its been a while but been busy with work and uni all the usual things to keep you away from the fun things.

    Ive been busy painting things and tonight I finally started putting everything back together again.

    Frame is painted and rear suspension has been trail fitted, needs to be taken off again to grease bearings and replace a few bushings that are completely stuffed

    Same with the rear the front is only on for now to make it easy to work on and get the bike to a rolling state.

    2 Engines from 2 bikes. Need to pull off some covers to determine which is in better condition. Not going to rebuild any engines at this stage want to try to get it running first before spending big money on an engine rebuild.
  6. Built a bench to do some engine work on.[​IMG]

    Started the Teardown of both engines and was a bit disapointed when i found varying amounts of bearing metal in both sumps. Left engine will be completely stripped to determine if there is any damage and then put back together with the good bits of both engines where needed. Need to buy a full gasket kit to put it all back together.
    Chassis work at a standstill until the engines are checked out dont want to spend money on more parts and paint if I have 2 trashed engines.

    Top End of both engines looks good.
  7. Been a while since the last update, how time flies when your having fun.

    Been slowly rebuilding the engine. Lucky there was no damage, all bearings looked in good condition, bores looked preety good but might give it a light hone before bolting it together. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Gasket kit is on the way from the uk so i can put side cases and the sump on permanently.


    Been Busy repairing cracks in fairings and there are lots. Going to be a long job.[​IMG]

    There has been so many colours on this thing over the years its crazy. Sanding has commenced. Brought a new spray gun so hopefully can get this thing in primer soon.


    The forks were stripped, painted and rebuilt and are now back on the bike, just another job to tick off the endless list. At least I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now, engine is close to done and the majority of the running gear has been painted and reassembled.
    Got a US mailing address so I am about to go on a buying spree on American ebay to buy up all the main parts I need. (headlight and new loom are on the top of the needed list).
  8. Love your work, you deserve a bigger shed.
  9. Finally got my gasket kit in the mail.

    Been doing some head work in the meantime.[​IMG]
    Pulled All valves to inspect and clean the head

    Lapped all the valves and put it all back together. Got the dremel out to remove some casting marks in the chambers that could cause detonation (waste of time with the compression of this thing but good practice anyway). Considered attacking the ports while I was at it but decided its probably not a good idea.

    Now the gasket kit has arrived i can finish the engine and mount it back into the bike, hopefully over the weekend.
  10. Good stuff mate, I'm about to do a similar thing with my GS850 once its back from a seat recover... engine goes like hell but leaks like a sieve!

    Hope she goes well once back together.

  11. Had a full day in the shed sunday, Finally got the engine back together and in the bike.[​IMG]

    Engine went back in the bike with only a small struggle, Bloody thing is so heavy compared to other motors ive worked on. Lucky the 2 bottom frame rails just bolt on to the engine so you can lift it up in 1 piece.

    Its Finally Beginning to look like a bike again.
    Now its time to go shopping on ebay for some missing parts including a loom to replace my stuffed one.