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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ricomac, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Hey

    Happy New Year to all.

    I didnt realise that the 6k new price for the GPX is a cut price. I think it was 8k before? A lot of you guys had said buying a new 250 is a waste of money. But I was thinking at that price with some riding gear maybe thrown in it doesnt look too bad. As I am short I like the low seat height.

    Have had a look at the second hand market and the only ones in NSW are quite old or high ks. I'd fancy a zeal but there are no good ones around.

    So am I crazy to buy a new 250 considering the above?? Appreciate any comments!!
  2. Sure you're crazy... but for other reasons :grin:

    I was very tempted myself. They're a good bike at a great price. Only things that was said to me that put me off was 1st bike you're likely to drop, dropping a bike will devalue it.
  3. Port80, I'd be interested to know.....did you drop your first bike?

    Some say its a myth and others say everyone does it.
  4. I didn't drop my first bike. Sure, alot of people do, but it's not mandatory.


    6G's sounds good for a new GPX 250. If you've got the dough, grab it.

    You'll lose some value when you sell it - but not too much at that price.

  5. i'm a firm beleiver of buying a 250 that is already devalued. they're all old technology and once they hit a certain point, they basically wont go down again unless badly damaged.

    but putting the new/old bike thing aside, i think your crazy for buying a 250 in NSW. you have the chance to get a bigger, safer, nicer bike.... take it.

    depreciation is a biatch but you're less likely to worry about it if your not sick of the bike in 6 months. theres a whole bunch of great bikes out there under lams, have a good look at them i reckon. the gpx is a good bike, but most of the lams bikes would be much better.
  6. Actually, being Victorian I forgot about LAMs...that's a very good point.
  7. Yep I have been told this about going for a bigger bike. I am just scared of the thought of a big bike so soon. All that extra power seems like a bad idea for learning.
  8. they're not that much more powerful, and top speeds are about the same, they're just a little more grunty where you need it. seriously, nothing to be worried about, they're on the lams list for a reason. they've got very managble power but enough of it to keep you happy for a lot longer. depending on the person/bike, you might be happy with it for quite some time. my GF has a lams legal XJR400 and its a wickid little bike, she wont be upgrading again anytime soon....
  9. Cool. I will have a look through the list Coconuts.
  10. Very true ;) In many cases the actual maximum power is not all that much more than a 250, but mostly they'll be much more torquey, and have useable power across a broader spectrum of the rev range. That is a good thing :)
  11. I have to say though........I am pretty hopeless at the moment. I can drive about in a carpark and just about do the gears. Have been struggling a bit with hillstarts. I actually cant wait to be good at driving the bike!!! Mind you I have only driven one 3 times so far in all.
  12. I've had the spada for 3-4 months now and have used it most work days for commuting. So far *touch wood* no mishaps. Although I know my bike has been dropped by one of the previous owners.
  13. I dropped my GPX250R about 1 month ago... When a guy from my work overtook me on his GPX250R, then crashed right in front of me!

    His bike was a write-off... I only lost an indicator :)
  14. My gpx (first bike):
    4 months service.

    3 trips to the black spur.
    1 trip out to Yea.
    ~80 trips to work (20 odd k's each way).
    ~10 trips to local twisties.
    Countless exploration and general travelling sessions.

    Haven't dropped it in that time, and I ride in a "spirited" fashion, right from day one.

    If you're prepared to ride within your capabilities, don't worry too much about dropping it, it can happen but I personally wouldn't plan my purchase around it. By all means, buy a second hand bike, but buy the best second hand bike you can comfortably afford.

  15. i was going to bye a gpx at 6k but i got a cbr insted cause i live on a hill and i needed the 4 cilender power but if i lived on the flats and dident ride on the free ways... i would of gorn for the gpx
  16. I dropped my first bike (the GPX250) after two years of owning it. It was in the garage and I nudged it off its sidestand walking past it in a tipsy state of mind (don't drink and walk!) :)

    And as of today, I'm now on my second bike - a GSXR600. Is there anything more exhilarating or attention-demanding than riding a new bike home? :grin:
  17. GPX250 was my first bike. I bought it near new - 2500kms on the clock. Immaculately looked after... what a bloody excellent bike. Throw them around like nothing else.

    It's first drop was at PI exiting turn 12. Doh! Went wide to get around a panic'd rider, and target fixated into the kitty litter. The somersault over the handle bars when the bike finally dug in was pure circus oz. :LOL: