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GPX250R Vs ZZR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vivendus, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Im trying to decide which of these bikes would suit me more.

    Im 85Kgs, and about 180cm tall. 26yrs old and very broad across the shoulders (i like long walks on the beach.... whoops sorry, wrong forum *grin*)

    Most of my riding will be to and from work, so highway riding with a few weekend jaunts to relax.

    I can hunt down the specs of these 2 bikes (weight, seat height etc), and even better go and physically compare the 2 at a dealership, but id just like some thoughts on which would prolly suit me better.

    A mate at work swore black & blue that the ZZR is the more 'racier' of the two, while i was convinced that it had a more upright, 'touring' position to it.

    Any help would be great, TIA guys,

  2. Well I'm about 75KG, and slightly taller. I found the GPX a little cramped on long rides, but perfectly ok for running around the city.
    I think you'll probably find both of them a little small, and underpowered. Probably best if you could at least get a sit on both bikes, that'll give you a better idea of what they're like.
  3. Since they both have the same engine, i would define them as having the same 'raciness'. The ZZR has more fairings, better brakes but is abit heavier, so I guess the GPX would win in a drag.
  4. Agreed. You really need to go sit on them both (and anything else) before you make a choice.

    My suggestion is to go out to Dale Britton Motorcycles (formally Causeway Motorcycles) in Vic Park and check out everything they have there.
  5. ZZR by a long shot.

    they've both got a fairly upright positions, but i'd say the GPX is a little more so. the GPX would probably be a little quicker being smaller and lighter with essentially the same motor BUT i found it way too short at 183cm. the ZZR is a much better size for me and has better wind protection for touring.

    you could go over the pros and cons of each forever, but it'll pretty much come down to comfort. buy the one that you can see yourself riding for a few hours at a time...
  6. I have the ZZR. Although I have never ridden the GPX, I find the ZZR comfortable to ride. i have never had a bad back from crouching over at all. Just wish I was off restrictions so I could go get something bigger....
  7. Funny you say that, because when I was first looking at bikes, I went to the Oz Kawasaki site, and they were (still are!) touting the GPX as sports bike, I always thought that the ZZR was more sporty because of its less upright position.
  8. They are almost exactly the same to ride, the only difference is cosmetics and tiny difference in seating position. ZZR is also a couple of kg heavier and longer wheelbase, but also has larger wheels. GPX is probably the quicker (by such a tiny margin) of the two, though the ZZR looks sportier.
  9. did you like voltron when you were a kid? how about transformers?

    do you still like them?

    if so the gpx's styling is for you :grin: :p
  10. The GPX250 has slightly quicker steering, that is to say it changes direction faster but ultimately it has slightly less grip and stability.

    In experienced hands the GPX250 is slightly faster in very tight corners but the ZZR250 has slightly more available lean angle and is less likely to be thrown off line.

    The differences are very small in terms of which is quicker.
  11. Mate, i reckon the zzr would fit you heaps better then the gpx, i am a bit taller then you and am quite cramped on mine. People tell me i look quite funny on it, cos i'm not that little haha. I tolerate it though, cos i know its reletively short term. In theory (and i use the term very loosely) the gpx is more of a sports bike while the zzr is a sports tourer, but i think you'd have to have a bit of imagination. But both great learners bikes, i just reckon the zzr will fit you better. And yeah i like the styling on the gpx, top gun haha