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GPX250R starter motor "crack sound" when starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Pommyman, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I just have a question about my GPX250. When starting there is a loud crack from the starter motor and then the bike starts ok and is normal to ride. Is this normal or could this be a bigger problem? It's only a few weeks old so just wonder if I should take it back to get them to look at it or not.

  2. Does it sound electrical or mechanical?
    Take it back if you're not happy and show the dealer/mechanic.

    Great help arent I? :LOL:
  3. If it is a nasty clack clack clack noise with out any nyer nyer nyer noises I would have a mechanic look at it as it is likely to be a startor clutch. Pretty expensive parts wise. up to 2 hours in labour charges. If you get down to a coffee night, ask one of the 50 odd mechanics that seem to rock up there. Sombody will be able to identify it for you.
  4. Oh i was looking at a gpx250 today at a wreakers.
    31,000kms 1994 model, broken indicator and scratches on 1 side. Tendered for $1100 :D

    The guy was very knowledgeable. Wasn't full of shit either.
    Apparently the ZZR250's and the GPX250s, when they are at really low revs (possibly only when they are cold, cant remember exactly) they sound like the crank is about to put itself through the side of the engine.

    This is apparently a trait of all the models, new and old. Something to do with the position of the pistons.

    I think all this means is that your bike isnt broken. But still, id rev it a bit and try to keep it from making that sound.

    This wreakers even had a Triumph Rocket III there. Those look crazy. 300kg 2.3 liter 104kw at the back wheel. You would have to hang on pretty tight to those mofos
  5. tru that, gpz/zzr are shocking like that. However a good mechanic can reduce the amount of noise with carefull tuning.

    Rocket 3's are mental.... definatley hang on