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GPX250R Rear wheel noise when on centre stand

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Milpool, Mar 3, 2016.

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    I put my GPX250R up on it's centre stand today; pretty much just to have a look because I am new to riding and trying to learn things. I noticed that the rear wheel makes a grinding sort of noise when I turn it. I took a video of it which you can find here: Dropbox - VID_20160303_183455682.mp4

    Is this something to be worried about? I've only had the bike a week so as far as I know it could been like this the whole time and it hasn't felt weird to ride or anything. My first thought was something to do with brakes grabbing but a roadworthy was done about two weeks ago before I bought it registered so that should have been checked I would have thought.

    EDIT: Just checked and the front wheel is making the same noise.
  2. Maybe. It could be a number of things:

    A chain problem - that one sounds overly tight and worn. Is it, and your sprockets worn? It looks like it could use a good clean. I'd start there.

    It also could be a wheel bearing. - dropping the chain will allow you to listen to the bearing and brake. Brake noise is usually a fine scraping sound though. A wheel bearing is a serious and urgent thing. You don't want a wheel bearing to collapse on the go, which is what they will ultimately do. A rear will make your bike go fairly wonky. It can make you have a prang. Loosening your chain a bit and pushing and pulling from side to side on the tyre is one way to check for sloppiness in the bearing. Look for any lateral movement.

    Maybe the cush drive rubbers are getting some wear in them and your sprocket alignment is being affected. This is a third possibility. With the chain off, can you move the sprocket from side to side, or around in any way?
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  3. I have a receipt for the tension being adjusted on the chain from the same day the roadworthy was done so I assume that should be fine.

    Also I don't know enough to be confident in removing the chain so maybe I should take it to a mechanic. For what it's worth though, it is more of a fine scraping sound my phone's microphone hasn't really picked it up all that well. It's more noticeable on the front wheel as well.
  4. Disks make fine scraping sounds - pretty normal - look at the pads. The parts that contact the disk, the pads, should be several mm thick. I couldn't hear that in the video. Mostly only the sound of the chain going around the sprocket.

    Many bikes' disk brakes have very light contact between pad and disk. This can result in scraping sounds from time to time. Dirt can get in there. If there is significant drag after applying and releasing your brake and or your disk heats up when the brake is not being used you might have a problem. Go for a ride around the block without using the back brake. Stop and carefully feel it with your hand. If your brakes are not "dragging" the disk may feel warm but won't burn you. If it does you may have a seized or sticking brake piston - brake servicing should be at least as frequent as annually.
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  5. Yeah I had no idea that the brakes have a light contact between pad and disk, this pretty much sums it up perfectly. I'm riding the bike to work tomorrow anyway so I'll do that test beforehand. Thanks for all your help.
  6. Does it make a grinding sound when you use the brakes to pull up,
  7. Not that I've noticed. I'll make sure to listen for it tomorrow though.
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  8. when you spin the wheel, push or pull the brake caliper a bit.
    if it's pad scraping, moving caliper should change the sound.
    same for front.

    or, very lightly apply brake while spinning wheel, see if the same sound gets louder.

    I would hazard a guess your mic will pick up the sound better from the other side... ie brake side
  9. All I hear is chain noise. (Disclaimer: I'm deaf as all fsck)