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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GTR-90D, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I have a problem with my bike that I can not explain.
    I'm technicial when it comes to cars but I am still learning about the bike.

    Bike: 2005 GPX250R
    MOD: HID installed.

    About a week ago on a nice hot day I went for a ride. I came back home and stopped to check mail in my letterbox. I would usually keep the engine running but I turned it off via the kill switch and turned key to off position.
    Got mail and put it in my backpack 30seconds later.

    I turned the key to "ON". With he accessories lights on and gear in neutralI went to start the engine. I pressed the start button and as it was about to crank over the bike went dead. The electrical died. No signs of life. I turned the key to off and on again still not acc lights. No signs of life at all. Its like it just died. I had to roll the bike back to my parking spot.

    My troubleshooting method:
    -Checked all fuses.
    All 10Amp fuses and the 30A fuse on the Starter Relay - FINE!

    -Checked the voltage on the battery 12.6 volts. - FINE!

    What else should I be checking?
    I will follow the electrical lines to troubleshoot to see where the short is.

    your help is much appreciated.
  2. Did you reset the kill switch to the original position? The bike won't start otherwise.

    Do you regularly use the kill switch to turn off the bike? It's unnecessary to do so, and while it kills the engine it leaves things like the headlight and dash still running. Turning the key to the off position is the intended way of turning off the bike. (My Kwaka manual says so :p)

    My only idea is to check the wiring. Unscrew the switch box that houses the kill switch, and make sure all the wires are connected or soldered properly.

    Good luck mate!

  3. I did reset the killswitch. I will take a look at the starter switch and also the kill switch to take a peek at it.

    More input from others please
  4. nevr heard of it on a bike before but on hot days on engines with high milage and old ignition systems you can get voltage buildup in the ignition circuit and this stops the whole party.. you got a few miles on an old engine. being 05 it cant be old but hows the kms.. there is a way to drani the volts with a relay each time you turn it off as i had to do to a mighty camira i used to own.. cots about $10 but i cant remember how it is done. i will try though
  5. I just came back from having another look at why my bike is playing up.
    I put in the key reset the kill switch and turned key to ON. Still no power. I tried pressing start. NOPE nothing.

    Ok, next I tried playing around with the gears. I tried clicking it into first but I couldn't so I rolled the bike forward a bit and click in it goes. Good!
    Click up back into neutral good but .....I couldn't get it into any other gears.
    I couldn't find 2nd or higher it just wouldn't find it. It is like the bike only had one gear.

    Next I popped it back into 1st gear and tried to start it with the clutch in. Still no power. I played with the clutch cable still to tighten the slack and loosen it again. Still no power. I left it in first gear and held in the clutch I then went to roll the bike forward but bad! It wouldn't move.
    With the clutch in or out in 1st gear it felt like it was locked in the gear.
    In neutral I could roll the bike but in first with clutch held in it was stuck in gear. Then later the acc lights came back on faintly then when I tried to clutch start it turned off.

    I rolled the bike around my carpark in neutral and the acc lights came back on. Turned the key off then back on again lights stayed on. I went to start the back in neutral. Power cut off.

    I tried clutch starting bike a couple of times with no power by rolling the bike, banging it into first and seeing what will happen. I can hear the pistons turning over but it still wouldn't start. Sometimes the lights come on and off and sometimes faintly too. Still locked in that first gear with or without the clutch held in.

    Did my clutch seize up? Why can't I find the next gears and why is it locked in first gear with the clutch held in?

    This is the culprit for my problem. So it maybe mechanical after all.
    I had a look at the little oil window on the engine and its all black. I remember seeing it the colour of new oil months ago.

  6. it is normal not to be able to hit second or above when the bike is stopped. it is normal to not be able to go when in first with the clutch in when the engine is cold (im pretty sure). i got no idea about the electric side of it except it sounds like the battery is dead to me. but that gear issue you are having sounds exactly how my bike it.

  7. Kwakas have a 'positive neutral finder'. This means when the bike is stationary it will only shift from first to neutral (and vice versa). If you want to engage second, you will have to get the bike rolling at 3-5kph for the 'positive neutral finder' to disengage.
  8. If the battery was depleted too far and you didn't have enough amperage to crank, you'd still get ignition light etc but the fact that you sometimes do and sometimes don't get to crank the engine suggests loose connection. It could be wiring to the rectifier or a wire gone open circuit but closes intermittently when the bike is jostled. This could explain your problem.
  9. for a quick test go borrow a mates battery and see what happens.. if it works then get a new one. if there is still nothing check all the conections from the battery out.. check them all anyway as there could be an issue that is causing you to loose charge.
  10. I give everything a try.

    Wish me luck
  11. will give you more knowledge about your bike. always good.i can email you wiring diagrams if you need them