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GPX250R or GT250R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vitaly, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys , just got my leaners finaly this week .

    But i can not decide betweet two bikes .

    Kawa GPX250R vs Hyo GT250R .

    Both good bikes , but one thing put me off Hyo is that the fact of
    it needs to be serviced every 4000 kms vs Kawa 6000 kms ( is that true ? ) . I will be commuting to work in the near future , so service every 3-4 months just does not cut it for me .

    Kawa on other hand more reliable bike , but ugly looking one :LOL:

    Can any one who has Hyo or riden one help ???

    Thanks in advance .
  2. Good thanks...how are you ? :wink:

    Use the search function...plenty of info available on both bikes. :)
  3. Definately get the Hyosung. We need some more comedy around here to cheer Maximus up.
  4. Thanks for advice Hopper i will give it a try !!

    Loz , i guess you are not a big fan of Korean bikes :))) ,
  5. The Kawasaki will more than likely be more reliable and long lasting. With the longer service intervals and good resale values, it'll probably be cheaper in the long run too. :)

    Note: Anytime a manufacturer says service every 6000km (Kawasaki and Suzuki both do this) you should still change the oil every 3000km if you can. Do it yourself, it won't effect warranty and the bike will thank you. :)
  6. Thanks Sean :grin: ,

    You right Kawa is chepear and more reliable plus it would be easier to upgade .
  7. http://www.korider.com

    Hyosung riders forum... plenty of GT250s getting up into the 10s of thousands of kms with very few, if any problems. The Hyo is the better looking out of the two and both have aftermarket bling bits if you really want them. Just the GPX will always look like a GPX :grin: Hyo's aren't nearly as bad as some people on here make them out to be, the early ones yes but the new ones are much, much better.
  8. Nothing wrong with either bike, I chose a GT250R because i prefer a bigger bike and I'm going to have it for more than 2 years, which is another reason why I bought a brand new bike. It's also good practice before you upgrade. Friend of mine wants to get a GPX though, hasn't really given me a reason why he wants to get it, guess he just wants a good second hand bike, and they defiently are.
  9. gpx looks ugly without a cool looking rider :LOL: :cool:
  10. DRMAT , how often do u need to service ??

    And how much do they charge ?
  11. Ive had mine for about 2 months and 1500kms. All is good so far, bike looks great, sound great and handles well(as least I think it does, I've only ridden 3 bikes so far so not much experience).

    Buy the Hyo. :cool: You won't regret it.

    I can't tell you the service intervals as I'm at work but I'll check it for you when I'm home. :woot:
  12. Thanks mate :) ,

    But what about resale value of Hyosung ?? say to compare to GPX .

    I am planning keeping my bike for 2 years at least & then upgrade to Ninja 600 .

    I had a look on Bikesales.com.au & i saw strangly enough about 3-4 Hyos for sale not even done 1000 kms !
    With very strange reason for sale .

    Thanks a lot guys for all your replys , Have a safe day .
  13. you'll lose more money on a new bike
  14. I think its a little hard to say at this point in time, Hyo are still new to the market so I can't comment on what my bike will be worth in a years time if I want to sell it. Youll definately lose more if you by a bike new no matter waht it is though. A price you pay for the warranty and satisfaction of a new bike though. :wink:

    I did a quick search and can't say I saw that mnay with that low kms. There are always lots of 250's with low kms(under 3000) as people often have them for a year before upgrading.

    The Hyo aint perfect but for the price I think it's great. :p
  15. Go with what feels best, plain an simple.

    You are learning so therefor you need a bike with which you will feel more comfortable with and something that is similar to what you will ride in the future (your ninja)

    For example i love sports bikes and want to get an R6 or a 600RR as my next bike so the 250RR was an obvious choice for me and i felt great on it.

    Secondly, if you are planning to keep the bike for no longer then two years. Go second hand. Learn to do things yourself and you wont worry about braking the warranty or any of that kind of stuff. There are plenty of people here that will meet up with you and give you some mechanical tips on how to do things.

    Re-sell on both bikes is ok i think, there will always be a need for 250's here so keep the bike in good nick and you wont lose to much either end (esp if you get a good 2nd hand one)

    Good luck with your purchase buddy.
  16. Thank for replies guys i have decided to with GPX250R !

    I hope seeing you on the road at some stage .
  17. Did you try riding them both around, i found them to have fairly different seating positions.

    I thought the gpx was more comfy and more powerful, but some people might find the hyo more comfy.
  18. nice pick. did you go for a brand spankin new or used?
  19. I am gonna go for brand new ,

    6300 ride away + discounts on gear :))) .
  20. holy wow! is that for 2007 model? not the green stripe?