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GPX250R Oil filter - which to get

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rockjob, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I have a service manual for my bike (GPX250R) but it doesn't say a brand and model of oil filter to used.
    Anyone know which to get and from where?
    I live close to a supercheap auto and a repco, would they have one?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. get a fudge one!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Motorcycle accessories (MCA) will have one. Don't worry about branding, jusy make sure they look up a book, ask another salesman, nod their heads and go and get one from the back store.

  3. +1

    For reference, my 'high performance' one was $14 bucks the other day. Just don't be a noob and overtighten the plug like me! :D
  4. What you need is a HF401

    One of the most widely used internal oil filters...
  5. if the zzr takes the cartrage filter that almost all kawasakis take try a genuine suzuki. same fiulter just cheaper. but if not i'd go genuine.
  6. Supercheap has Vesrah ones - its a green and black box with a V on it. I got one for $11 on special to try out, but I think they are normally $13?

    Vesrah No: SF-4004
    It lists a few bikes on the pack, but the top one is the EX250 Ninja 87-06 (EX250 is a GPX250 btw).
  7. The HF401 comes with the two O rings... Suzuki, Kawasaki and Triumph ones do not come with them and you have to buy them seperate... (Honda do sell the O rings with the filter, and I'm not certain if Yamaha does)

    I have never heard of Vesrah No: SF-4004 but it just migh tbe the chepest one out there...

    I'm led to belive the HiFlo filters are made in the same factory as the K&N oil filters.. so there is yet another good point to consider... The HF401 is around $15 or so...
  8. I didn't know Stupid Cheep carried bike filters, there you go!
    I order mine in a few at a time by mail order. A small trap is that there are TWO popular Kawasaki internal filters.........I use Emgo filters in my bike, but that's just the brand I get, they are much the same really.
    Be sure to make careful note of the way the filter bolt, spring and associated washer come out, incorrrect assembly has unfiltered oil BYPASSING the filter.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. do you know what store sell hiflo?
  10. I found it interesting that both our Kwacka's run the same filter. Thing is, one's a 250, the other's an 1100! I'd have though the bigger engine would require a bigger filter.

    FTR, I run HF 401's. Get 'em from my local bike shop.
  11. All the Petr Stevens stores have them in stock and so do most other motorcycle stores... HiFlo filters are distributed by one of the biggest after market part wholesalers...

    Check out http://www.hiflofiltro.com/ for figment / part numbers
    Also http://www.uniflow.com.au/

    Keep in mind if the bike is under warranty you HAVE to use OEM parts!!! and OIL with the specifications recommended by the manufacturer (for all you Jap bike owners look for MA on the back of the bottle)
  12. i'm interested with hiflo because it includes the gasket.

    how does the filtering quality compare with oem filter?
  13. Mrs Tree's 250 has done 30k+km with 'em and without a problem. Good enough for me. :grin: