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GPX250R Front brake pad and P's test (UPDATED!!!)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rockjob, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. I think im well and truly stuff for my P's test tomorrow. My front brake pad was making funny noises on thursday. I looked at it on Saturday and theres almost no pad left on the front brake. I dont want to ride it.

    Sure I can hire on of their bikes at stay upright. There's no one there to answer their phones for me to confirm it.

    My only option at the moment is to go in early tomorrow and see if I can hire a bike on the spot. I dont know what my chances are.
  2. I very much doubt it will be a problem. We had a guy wanting a bike at the last moment when I did my Ls and the instructor just said "pick one" from the 4 or 5 left over bikes... There were prolly even more bikes in the other shed.
  3. Good luck with your test Rockjob. Make sure you post the results.

    I found the instructors only too happy to help so I'm sure they will sort you out with a bike.
  4. W00t! Passed. With 8 out of 9 points :oops:
    My uni friends always tell me P's (passes) get degrees. This is truly the case.
    6 of those points were 2 headchecks :mad: I was too excited to get it over with.

    I ended up hiring one of their CB250s, they were fine with it. I even didnt have enough cash on me so they let me use it and go get some cash in my lunch break. Very nice of them. ($150 ouch!) I had some fun with it on the road ride. I let the person in front get ahead then I hung of the side and powered through the twisties. The guys behind me were all "WTF??!?!"

    There were 5 of us at the start of the day. One guy on a bandit left when we started doing the test because he just couldn't do the cone weave and Uturn in the pracitce sessions. To another guys credit, he passed with a CBR125. So 4 out of the 5 passed.
    It's annoying to hear that one of the guys (whos 35) has a CBR600RR waiting at home :( 12months to go.......
  5. Congrats - and ride safe :grin:
  6. Nice one, well done Gravel!
  7. what do U need as a pass and what maneuvers and turns do they make you do?

    what practice do I need on the road to prepare me for this day somewhat 8-9 months down the track
  8. This is all about the MOST test that you do to go from L's to P's (or full license if you count as mature aged). There are conditions on when you can go for it after obtaining L's. RTA website is good for all this info.
    Since I'm such a nice guy heres the link to the PDF which has the layout of the tests:

    I did about 10,000km on my bike before going for the test. This doesn't count for much because I never practiced the low speed stuff. I was told on the cone weave that I was using a high speed technique :oops:

    As for practicing, work on walking pace clutch control, balance, U-turns, tight weaving and emergency stops. The best way to do it would be to print out the PDF above, cut a couple of tennis balls in half, grab some chalk and go down to a carpark and setup the tests. The cone weave + uturn test is the hardest one (I found).
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  10. Gpx250? Pretty much invincible - great learners bike.