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GPX250R for newb?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Humpda, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone
    I recently got my RE licence and have been pootling around on a CBR125. While it is fine for short trips and it has given me road confidence it lacks a little get-up-and-go and as I am a tallish person (6ft 2") I also feel cramped. I have the opportunity to purchase an 07 GPX250 which is in fairly good nick...no marks on fairings, ventura frame, RWC, Rego until December, 2 new tyres and 10000k on clock for $3000. I have taken it for a test ride...it is much more comfortable than my 125 and has more grunt (don't laugh!). It doesn't have fuel injection however...instead twin carbs. Is this an issue?

    I have done some research on Mr Google and cant find too many negatives, but if you have any opinions I would love to hear them. The bike would be predominately for work travel, some weekend stuff on motorways etc...but mostly on local roads up to 80km. I noticed as well it doesnt have a fuel guage...you have to manually inspect the tank...is that normal?

    Thanks for you time (and patience!)



  2. is very similar to ZZR250, but lighter, smaller diameter wheels, and more powah!
    has 18L tank which should get you at least 300k's before turning to reserve. no fuel gauge is not really an issue if you fill it up full each time and reset the trip meter.

    carbs are fine, just take a minute or two of warming up when it's really cold and all good.

    if it feels comfortable, that's the main thing
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  3. As oldcorollas said, sounds like a good deal, low k's for a bike of its age. Rule of thumb is 7k/year and it is under that..Carbs are no problem, just warming up is a procedure you will get used to. Lots of bikes don't have fuel guages, as OC said set your trip meter and you will know you need to start looking for fuel 200 - 250ks in.
  4. Thanks guys...appreciate the feedback. Any thing I should be looking for specifically with the bike...things to check? Thanks heaps
  5. Good starter bike, no real negatives, comfortable & nimble. Carbs are no problem just need a little time to warm up with choke and off you go. 10,000k is quite low, as long as you are happy it's genuine, does it have books?
    As I think has been said, fuel gauge isn't the be all and end all. Fill the thing up and run it out, see what you get and from then on fill up before you get to the magic number. Just make sure the fuel tap is not set on reserve when you do this. Or as old corollas said, fill up every 300 k or so.
  6. Thanks guys. Will need to check if km are genuine...I did not check service book...forgot :-(
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    ZZR is supposed to get 4.5k's/L (I do) and that's about 320k's before switching to reserve
    GPX is supposed to be around 3.5-4L/100k's = more k's before reserve. you may get 400k's from a tank!
    big tank is a real bonus :) ride all day without needing to fill up.

    just look for usual like crash damage, oil/coolant leaks (oil looks like it is leaking on LHS, but often just chain oil flinging off front sprocket)... scoring/scratches on fork shiny bits... brake disc wear.
    chain and sprockets are pretty cheap (under $200), so if they are worn, not such a big deal.

    the GPX will be fine at highway speed, is not lacking grunt :)
    it will also hold it's value pretty well as the k's are low, and sell it in a year or 2's time for a few hundred loss (but many smiles gain :) )

    oh and if clutch rattles/clunks around idle, esp when cold.. that's normal.. there is a rubber cushioning thing in the clutch that always loosens up, but doesn't really affect anything.. just slight clunk with off/on throttle

    they are pretty low seat height, but makes it easy to get your feet on the ground

    edit. as for k's, if it has been left outside, the windscreen may be crazing ($40ish off ebay) and the symbols on the handlebar switches may have faded. should be original discs, so if they look ok, km probably ok
  8. Awesome...hopefully bike will be ready by early next week. :) so 3k is in tbe ball park for this type of bike?
  9. Great bike mate, 3k seems about right. Enjoy it
  10. 3k is at the top end but if the mileage is genuine then not too far away. As a guide I bought one a couple of years back with 25k on it for $2800 and sold it 9 months later for $2700.
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