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GPX250 Wont Start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Gazball, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Brand new 2 weeks old
    but haven't started it for over a week (whether that has anything to do with it)
    i put the choke on and start it, runs for about 30secs revs sitting around 1500 then stalls, then i try and turn it back on and wont start unless i rev it.

    any ideas would be grateful.

  2. Turn up the idle control to let it rev a bit higher (check your user manual) then take it to your dealer.

    Also check out a Honda or Yamaha next time!
  3. would of checked out a honda if the 3 times we went into the dealership someone bothered to help us
  4. ok now it wont start even if i rev it
    think i have run the battery down. will have to charge the thing now
  5. I've just had the same thing happen to me, though my bike is as old as sin - well, its a 91 model. I was thinking bad fuel, and since changing that didn't work I've ripped off the carbies and cleaned them...
    I just need my battery to charge up and I'll see if I was right.
  6. Couple of things,
    for a start does it have fuel in it, and does it have a'prime' setting on the fuel tap?
    Ring the dealer and have a chat with them (who did you buy it from?)
    otherwise send me PM with your contact info and i'll duck over to have a look for ya, i'm only at Morwell.
  7. Yes it has fuel in it nearly full tank.

    rang dealer said if u can get it started with revving it then fiddle with the idle settings.

    if that dont work they said they might be able to come over have a look

    but i think i have killed the battery
    so just letting it charge b4 i try again.

    bought from Morwell Kawasaki
  8. They realy said that?? and this is a brand new bike??

    Once again my opinion of most of the dealers in the valley seems to be confirmed. And again i'm glad i dont let any of these prats near my bike with a spanner.
  9. yeah the dealers down here i think are useless i went into traralgon honda/yamaha then didn't even wanna talk to anyone they just sat behind counter eating their mcdonalds

    anyway i charged the battery up and still no cigar wont kick over at all

    they now gonna come pick it up
  10. Ok no probs, cya on the road.
  11. Glen Middlemiss at Morwell Kawasaki is cluey. Opposite Mid Valley shops
  12. If you have left it outside in the rain, check for water in the float bowls. GPX fuel caps are known to allow water into the tank.