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GPX250 - what does this do?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by shanks_pony, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. G'day all,

    Got my first bike a few months ago, '06 GPX250. Loving it, no problems so far, however there is one thing I'm curious about.

    On the clutch lever assembly, on the right side of the lever itself but before the cable is visible, there's a section (maybe a centimetre long) of threaded metal. On it, there's what appears to be a washer/spacer (I'm sorry about the poor descriptions, I'm not very mechanically minded) which is also threaded and can therefore be screwed up and down the bit of threaded metal.

    I have no idea what it does, or what position it should be. If I leave it to one side, it vibrates back to the middle, but I'm hesitant to tighten it too much for fear of damaging something.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Cheers guys.
  2. Like this?


    If it is, screw the "washer" down until it's firmly against the lever. That locks the "bolt" into place and stops it from self un-adjusting with the vibrations on the bike.
  3. Yep! That's the one.

    Thanks for that!
  4. looks like tin mans condom :shock:
  5. it takes up or backs off the tension of the clutch cable.
  6. Yep, it's one of the two clutch cable tensioners (the other is at the other end where the actuating lever lives).

    If you do your own servicing, get your shop manual and adjust the cable as specified. If you get the bike serviced by a professional, make sure he adjusts it at each service.....
  7. dont you mean the silver surfer lol.....

    anyways yep exactly right clutch cable tensioner


    this is a page from manual

    if you want to get the manuals this site has plenty