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GPX250 Vs ZZR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bass_player, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two bikes? :? There seems to be a decent price gap between them and if they are essentially the same bike I think I'll go for the GPX. Cheers

  2. ZZR is more of a tourer.

    Its heavier and im told geared to go slightly faster...

    The Gippie i'm told is geared to accellerate faster...

    I prefer the look of the GPX myself aswell...
  3. it's mostly the different flairing, and i believe the they have slightly different suspension. Also the rear tyre on the zzr is bigger too i believe, personally i think the zzr looks like a bigger bike.... only bad thing i got to say about them is the amount of ground clearance they have....
  4. ZZR has same engine and gearbox as GPX
    ZZR has different fairings

    ZZR looks a lot better than the GPX
    ZZR gets more on resale and is seemingly always in demand

    Displacement ----------- 248 cc
    Bore & Stroke ----------- 62.0 x 41.2 mm
    Compression Ratio ----------- 12.4:1
    Carburettor ----------- Keihin CVKD 30 x 2
    Rake Angle ----------- 26.5 degrees
    Front Wheel Travel ----------- 125 mm
    Rear Wheel Travel ----------- 110 mm
    Front Tyre Size ----------- 100/80-17
    Rear Tyre Size ----------- 140/70-17
    Wheelbase ----------- 1,405 mm
    Fuel Tank Capacity ----------- 18 litres
    Seat Height ----------- 760 mm
    Dry Weight ----------- 146 kg
    Warranty ----------- 24 months
    Kawasaki Riders Club Membership ----------- 12 months

    Displacement ----------- 248 cm3
    Bore & Stroke ----------- 62.0 x 41.2 mm
    Compression Ratio ----------- 12.4:1
    Carburettor ----------- Keihin CVKD 30 x 2
    Rake Angle ----------- 25 degrees
    Front Wheel Travel ----------- 140 mm
    Rear Wheel Travel ----------- 130 mm
    Front Tyre Size ----------- 100/80-16 50S
    Rear Tyre Size ----------- 130/80-16 64S
    Wheelbase ----------- 1,435 mm
    Fuel Tank Capacity ----------- 18 litres
    Seat Height ----------- 745 mm
    Dry Weight ----------- 138 kg
    Warranty ----------- 24 months
    Kawasaki Riders Club Membership ----------- 12 months
  5. The ZZR has a better frame (aluminium), which I was told was the same as the zzr600. Bigger fairings, bigger wheels. Better bike I've heard.

    But I bought a GPX :)

  6. Given the differences in rear tyre size, wheelbase and rake angle there's probably going to be a difference in handling between the two.
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I'll end up getting another GPX. This way I can save money for when I'm unrestricted.
  8. zzr cost more when you drop it.
  9. Just look at the website...

    Kawasaki.com.au class the GPX250 as a 'supersport' bike and the ZZR250 as a 'sport' bike, so the ZZR should be more for comfort...
  11. same motor, different pretty much everything else :D

    GPX250 supersport??? :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: its a commuter. light and quick off the mark with a more upright postition and generally more budget bits and pieces. the ZZR is a sports tourer, slightly heavier, geared for freeway work and has faring that actually does something (because the GPX faring does stuff all :LOL: )

    both good bikes tho and you can get a good GPX cheaper and they will be quicker due to the gearing and weight. economy isn't an issue either with the gearing differences as the GPX scores over the 350km mark before reserve. a quick way to decide is this:

    city riding/quick squirts - GPX
    highway/freeway - ZZR

    both are fine for everything, they just do one better than the other :D
  12. Both will hold their value pretty well, so if you can scrounge up the money for the ZZR, you won't lose anything in the long run.

    I like the fact that it has real size tyres on it.
  13. Yep, really think Kawasaku needs to add a "commuter" category, might also save them trying to pass the ER-5 off as a tourer.
  14. I got bigger tyres on my gippie than i've seen on ZZR's, mind you than i've seen on gippies either...

    My front is about 130 i think and the rear is 190 im pretty sure... I'll check when i go for my lunchtime ride to be sure...

    Not saying the Gippie is a supersport, just saying thats what Kawasaki classify them as... And i'm only presuming thats due to the design of the bike rather than a marketing guy deciding where it fits...

    I have ridden a ZZR and I know I'm no rossi but i felt much more comfortable scraping pegs on the Gippie...
  15. I was more refering to the 16" vs 17", but it's interesting to note that you prefer the 16"
  16. Get whichever one a great deal pops up on. Think about your resale value, the riding's not going to be significantly different between the two and despite the fact that the ZZR is a bit more "wikkid big blingin" than the GPX, you're not going to impress too many people with a 2fiddy!
  17. personally I like the styling on the GPX better than the ZZR.... I think the ZZR styling is a bit... much for a 250....
  18. The big yellow and black L plate on the back wont help there too :p

    I'm still gearing towards another GPX as it will be a daily commuter to work in the city and back. Plus if its cheaper I probably wont feel as bad when I drop it :D
  19. The GPX250 is better value for money than the ZZR250 but the ZZR250 is more sought after.

    The other half has a 2003 GPX250 and it rides quite well for a 250. It has adequate power for highway riding and only needs knocking back a gear for hills mostly.

    The handling is quick but manages to be stable at the same time although it does have a slight tendency to drop into corners (which is probably due to the steepish steering angle, the 16 inch front wheel and the light weight combined with the fairly long wheelbase... for a 250).

    The riding position is comfortable and quite suitable for long days in the saddle, and the fuel tank has a good range.

    One of the better 250's around (although I still think Victoria should have the LAMS's system!).
  20. :shock: i doooont think so :LOL: you'd probably have a 130 on the rear, maybe a 140 but i dont think so. my ZX7R runs a 120 front and a 180 rear, your swingarm wouldn't even close to fit rubber that wide :wink: