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GPX250 vs Honda Spada

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by strokes, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. I'm a new rider about to get a 250cc bike, which I will use to commute to work, which is about a 1 and half hour drive each way and involves going on the freeway. I've done some research and narrowed this down to a Kawasaki GPX250 and a Honda VT250 Spada.

    I would like to know which is better for handling those distances, (keeping up with traffic, comfortability etc), or wether there is a better suited bike out on the market. I'm looking to spend about 5000K. Cheers!
  2. I brought a Honda Spada from Carringbah Motorcycles. I wanted a naked bike. I can't comment on the Kawasaki GPX250 other than I like the look of the Spada more. It's a V-Twin engine (more torque). Ask the ones who had Spadas for a while. They all love it. I plan to ride my bike around the suburbs. I will take it out on the freeways occassional.

    If you are new to riding (like me), a naked bike is the way to go (I believe). If you drop it, you won't damage the flarings. (Otherwise get oggy knobs.) I won't say much more, I'll let the more experienced riders comment.
  3. I don't know how much the Spadas are. But your $5,000 is more than enough to buy you a good second hand GPX250. I even read in one of the posts that brand new GPX250 was going for $6,000 ride away.
  4. the vt250 spada was discontinued in 1991. so if you want a bike that's a minimum of 15 years old - that's your pick.
  5. I'm not so much interested in the age of the bike as i will probably look to get another bike as soon as a get off my P's. I am rather more interested on how reliable, practical, comfortable, economic it will be for me as i plan to use this to get to work every day for the next year and a half or so.

    I have heard good reviews about both bikes as good learners.

    Also, does anyone know how good the resale value of a Spada would be? I know that a gpx250 holds its value very well.
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  7. I love my Spada and it's totally sweet, reliable, easy and fun to ride... and one of my considerations was that it would be a lot cheaper to fix if I dropped it. At the same time, I have the option of two ways to go to work, and I avoid the freeway like the plague. The Naked just makes it a bit buffety and not a whole lot of fun on the freeway... it'll happily do it, but it's more grim than joyous. So for the length of your commute I'd recommend something with at least a bikini fairing or windscreen (and you can get those for Spadas).

    Both bikes should hold their value pretty well for 18 months-2 years, assuming you don't buy a super-new GPX...

    And finally, remember to budget 1500 or so for gear and think about the bike you can afford accordingly.

    Have fun with it and let us know what you decide.
  8. Having owned both a GPX and now the Spada I have to say that the Spada is probably the better commuter. I ride to the city everyday for work and this consists of a stint on the freeway (100kph). The Spada has no troubles at higher speeds and combine that with great fuel economy, more comfortable riding postion and more torque, its definately my pick of the two bikes.
  9. As noted I have both a Spada and a ZZR (the GPX's stablemate) in my carport and I've ridden a GPX as well - the Spada is quite nimble and makes an awesome commuter. I've ridden my girlfriend's one to work on the Freeway a handful of times and it was never an issue, and it's great around the streets.

    The GPX has a bit going for it too - more power, a higher top speed and a nice fairing & windscreen for the freeway making it a more pleasant experience than the Spada. The GPX is also a Kawasaki :)

    + V-Twin Useable torque (fun!) and OK sound
    + Nimble for commuting
    - Tiny Tank
    - Wind buffeting (not so bad)

    + More power & higher top speed (fun!)
    + Huge tank (for a 250) and good economy
    + Likely to be newer, AUS delivered
    - Fairings to damage
    - Not a V-Twin! Need to rev her a bit more
    - Sounds like a bloody sewing machine

    Really it doesnt matter, both are great bikes, both are fine for commuting and both are fun in the twisty bits.

    Edit - I almost forgot, the Honda looks cooler which everyone knows is important!
  10. I have only test ridden a gpx and it feels alright - the seat felt a little wooden (could be my boney ass) Only sat on a spada and it felt kinda small. having said that, only YOU can judge how comfortable each bike is by sitting on one and taking it for a spin (if you're lucky). I reckon the spada is the go coz it's a honda, but if you wanted better resale a later model gpx might get you more $$ back when you upgrade.

    May I suggest the honda hornet, stookie has one for sale if you're in melb, you might be able to talk him down to $5k. it's got a bigger frame but I feel at ease manouvering it with my 5'7" and 70kg. only problem is it's a grey import and pretty rare, (holds it's value tho) but not as difficult as finding a service manual for it. The inline 4 takes to freeways real smooth even up to 130 :)grin: I would imagine ;) :angel:) it's still pretty stable (without a strong head wind). But through the twisty stuff on the weekends... the hornet is so sweet. A+ for looking hornee too!

    Oh! welcome btw.
  11. ive ridden both and i think for your needs a bike with fairings would be better (highway riding) therefore the gpx although if its going to be an all rounder spada wins as many others would agree
  12. I love the GPX. It's not the best, it's a good ride though. and for the 1700 I spent on mine to date, I don't believe I could have gone wrong.
  13. Thanks for the recommendations guys, i am leaning towards the GPX250, but i will have to sit on them first and then make up my mind. I also have the option of buying a mate's 2001 nsr150.
  14. Have been riding my Spada(first bike) about 3 months and absolutely love it. Would reccomend it to anyone.

    While the higher top speed of the GPX may sound good, as a new rider I haven't had either the balls or the opprtunity to see if the Spada will do 150 as it's supposed to.

    The best thing about the Spada is the torque which is something you will definately use and love!!!

    While farings would be nice on those cold windy mornings, I've a few mates who are also new to riding whose fairings are now held together with gaffa tape cos it's too expensive to get em fixed...

    Ride em both, go with the one YOU like best, you have to live with it.

    BTW paid $3,500 for the Spada in excellent cond. with 20,000kms on the clock and a years rego.