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GPX250 tyre choices ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by aviper4u, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. looking around there doesn't seem to be much there might just go with the arrowmax's (gt301) or bt45's also mechanic has suggested to run a 120/90/16 on the back instead of a 130/80/16 to improve handling anyone done this before?

    thanks guys and gals

  2. checked out the manufacturer site the MT75 looks sweet an gets good reviews but its not listing the rear tyre sizes what are you running on yours at the moment?
  3. hm your right.. the picture said front and rear.

    i'm still using stock tyre. i think i'm back to 0 again.
  4. Dunlop ArrowMax GT105 130 x 90x 16 on rear

    "" "" GT105f 100x 90x 16 on front

    worked well for me :)
  5. How does it ride? Given the profile of the tyres is higher than stock, does it upset the handling?

    I'm contemplating to replace my crappy Dunlop K630, it has no grips on the twistes. I even managed to lock up the rear a couple of times! :?
  6. ive locked the rear a couple times on hard down changing into twisties...

    but on the other hand ive also nailed the left foot peg firmly into the ground when cornering hard.

    Boltons Kawasaki recommend these tires for the GPX, tho the smaller size are standard.

    ive had no problems, and previous owner "Fluffy Bunny feet" on here also used the larger ones. he recons stick with em.. so i have!

    all smiles from me ! :p :twisted:
  7. went to pirelli site from another region and tyre size list worked so for the MT75 would be

    100/80 - 16 Front
    120/80 - 16 Rear

    currently have
    dunlop arrowmax GT301

    100/80 -16
    130/80 - 16

    other option i found is michelin A39/M39

    100/80 - 16
    120/90 - 16

    all other tyre sizes vary alot on size but not sure what affect if any all of these have in the end.

    looking at reviews the MT75 looks the go
  8. technic, as for the handling im dropping her low enuff on corners to scrap pegs, and im running with a pack of 600-1300cc bikes, only a couple of 250s in my ride group. im usualy in front of alot of larger bikes.

    so she handles pretty well on those tyres.
  9. These Pirelli Sport Demon looks hot!


    Front: 100/90-16M
    Rear: 130/90-16M

    My stock Dunlop tires still look spanking new, not sure when I will upgrade it though. :shock:
  10. How's that anything special? Press the brake hard, it locks. Big downchange without clutch slipping, it skids. My rear tyre is my slipper clutch :) But it shakes a lot in the process and I don't recommend doing it on corners.

    I have an old looking GT301 on the front and Shinko something on the back. I've locked the front and the rear, and I regularly scrape pegs and the side and centre stand. Locking up isn't much of a tyre quality criterion.
  11. +1 for the Pirelli Sport Demon's

    I just got a new pair fitted to my ZZR250 a couple of months ago. Bike felt 100% better and they feel great. They also look tops!
  12. i think MT75 should be better :grin:
  13. abvc: so are u running MT75's on your GPX if so what sizes and how do you find them.

    also how many K's do u guys get on sport demons?
  14. no not yet. but prob. soon. either next week or week after
  15. The Dunlop 301 Supersport radial has been developed specifically
    for GPX 250.
  16. Yep.

    Dunlop GT301's
    F 100/80-16
    R 130/80-16
  17. Hey Technik,

    I've had my GPX for about 5 months now (first bike) and I need to get new tyres. Where can I go to get these? Any Kawa dealer? Or any make dealer? Or any bike mechanic?

    And do you know approximately how much do they cost?

  18. Nocker are you a chick? :wink:
  19. Last time I checked... No :)

    Do I sound like one? :oops: