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GPX250 Tips

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bass_player, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Ok I am going to look at a 1990 GPX250 on the weekend. The owner says the odometer reads 37,000 but is incorrect due to a rebuild in 2000 (complienced too). Newish tyres and good condition apart from a dent in the exhaust. Fairings in excellent condition.

    Does anyone know of anything I should be on the lookout for when inspecting the bike other than the obvious?

    The guy is asking $2700 but that is way too high. Redbook value is only $1100 - $1300.

  2. If it was recompilanced in 2000 then it may be a grey import model.

    Some grey import GPX250's have twin front disks and others still have the blinker plastic in the back of the ducktail (as well as new added wider blinkers).

    Australian delivery ones have blank plastic in those two spots.

    Another possibility is that it may have been majorly crashed and rebuilt.

    Either way it's worth less than an Australian delivery one of similar age and condition.

    I would ask for details of _why_ it's complianced in 2000 and if they can't give a satisfactory explanation then I'd walk away...
  3. I havn't seen a 1990ish GPX for under 2k in Adelaide man, you might find it hard to find one that runs still for 1k here
  4. Yeah I get the trader every week and they are going for nearly as much as the ZZR250's! I'm not in a real hurry. As much as I want a bike now I'd rather wait and get a good buy than be ripped off.
  5. you wont find one that cheap unless its dead in the water mate :wink: basically, anything but the WORST gpx's will fetch over the $2k mark, redbook is sometimes close, but more often than not, its waaaay off the mark.

    the rebuild is most likely BS, those motors generally last a lot longer than that unless they're seriously mistreated. compliance means it is an import, but theres no reason that this should turn you away from the bike, its still the same thing as far as price, parts and servicing is concerned, you might have a little trouble with insurance, but i cant confirm that.

    most important thing is to get it with a RWC. no RWC means no sale or a GREATLY reduced price, if its being sold without an RWC then theres normally a pretty good reason for that :wink:
  6. What is RWC? I've noticed that on interstate ads they have RWC included in the price. None of the ads ive seen here in Adelaide have that
  7. Road Worthy Certificate. Can't register the bike in your name without one.

  8. Does that apply in South Australia? My old bike didn't come with one and I was still able to register and insure it in my name
  9. We don't do that RWC stuff in Adelaide coco...
  10. Oh, and that redbook value is a joke. You'll see the occasional older gpx pop up for around the 2-2.5 mark with rwc but most of them are buckets. If the bike is good I wouldn't insult the guy with that red book figure, I got my 88 (has been rebuilt) for $2300 in excellent overall condition for its age and expect to sell it in a year for the same money assuming I don't kill it :)

  11. We just use the current rego form in SA to sign things over to your name...
  12. You seem pretty knowledgable about the GPX. Any common faults/problems I should be aware of?

    Thats how I thought it worked here. I guess the equivelant would be if the rego lapses and you gotta take it to Regency to be approved
  13. My first road bike was a 1990 gpx 250, I paied 3,500 for it it was allright but they are not built for riding hard, I blew the engin just riding on a hot day. A 1990 bike is also noe 15 years old, If u can I would save a bit more and get an earlier model. Allthough if u have your heart set on somthing then go for it.
  14. Even then it takes alot for you to have to go to regency (mainly a yellow canary from the cops for exhaust or something), rego can be lapsed and renewed here without issue... My mates GPz900 has been un rego'd and in the shed for years but he just went and got more without a question coz we finally rebuilt the thing...
  15. Had you check your coolant levels recently?? Not built for hard riding?? The red line is there to protect the engine from entering the zone in which causes damage, so provide you regularily changed the oil and filter, kept the oil level up and didn't bounce it off the limiter 100% of the time they are perfectly good bikes. They have one of the most bullet proof 250 sport bike engines around are very hard to kill it treated correctly.

    As for the 15 years old thing, that doesn't really matter as apart from some very minor changes, mostly just colour schemes, the bike is the same as a new one. A 1990 model GPX with 40 000kms could be a much better buy then a 2000 GPX with 15000 that had been thrashed and not looked after.
  16. I'm no bike expert mate, but the gpx's don't have any model specific problems that I know of. There are a lot more experienced people than me on this forum when it comes to the mechanics, but I do know the values as I watched the market for a while.

  17. Bass player, i think you should stop looking so i have more chance of finding a good one in Adelaide :p

    Would that one be the one $2700 or $3200 with gear?

    Everything i've heard about them's been good. I've been looking on the net and all the reviews are good. Only thing bad i've read is that they rev a bit hard sitting on 100km/h.
    A guy at work has a'97 and he's happy with it. I've sat on it and was pretty comfortable.
    I guess even if they do rev a bit high doing 100 on the highway it doesn't matter when you're restricted to 80 on L's anyway.
  18. Forgot to mention the guy at work payed $2400 for his '97 gpx250 ninja about a year or 2 ago and that was from a bike shop in adelaide. Had 38,000km on it and very good condition. (wish i could find a deal like that)

    I also know someone else in adelaide that recently baught a '90 gpx250 for $1500 in pretty good comdition.
    I think redbook is pretty useless for most bikes. Some bikes i've looked up in there only list the price when new or no price at all and have seen some rediculous market values.
    Redbook is good for cars but seems they havn't done the research to get the bikes side up to scratch.
  19. Yeah thats the one. Gonna go have a look tonight.

    I paid $2300 for an 88 model about 3 years ago. Ran well but had done 93,000km. Sold it for the same price too six months later :D

    Does anyone know of any other websites similar to redbook with properly researched average prices. I guess it depends on the state you live in, demand and time of year too.

  20. Nah they rev a bit hard at 160, 100 doesn't feel like its gonna die tho...

    I do regular runs around on the Gippie now (Adel - Mannum mainly) and she goes fine even 2-up aint that bad!