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GPX250 sump plug crush washer

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by djay, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hi guys - I need a little help.

    I'm going to do an oil change on the weekend and have been told I need a sump plug crush washer. I tried to buy one today but the shop didn't know what size I need and I've searched for the answer to no avail. Does anyone know the size for a GPX250 or the magic words I should google?

    Also, I got an oil filter that the shop said would fit my bike and it has 2 rubber rings in the box. One large and one small. Is the large one the O ring?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Strictly speaking the crush washer should be replaced, but I've re-used the things many times on dozens of different vehicles and never had a problem. It's either copper or aluminium, if copper, heat it on a gas stove till its red, then dump it in water to quickly cool it. This will soften the copper. You could also have a look at somewhere like Repco, they should have a box of assorted ones, pick the size you need.
    I'd just stick it back together, if you're worried a very thin smear of silastic will guarantee no leak.
  3. According to this site:

    The crush washer on the GPX is identical to that used on Hyundais and Nissan, and using car part codes should make finding a replacement much easier (though like the mole I've reused the things dozens of times without any problems).

    That site should also make it clear where the rubber o-rings go.
  4. That's brilliant! Thanks :)
  5. Supercrap do a boxed assortment of ally washers for $3-4. You should find the size you need in there, then you'll know for future reference.
  6. I did oil changes for a couple of years on the ZZR 250 that used to live in my garage and never changed the crush washer.
    From memory I used the smaller O ring that always came in the box too. You will see that only one fits. Don’t stress.
  7. I once dumped the oil from my XS650 to find that the washer was cactus and that I had nothing suitable to hand..So I made one from a cornflakes packet,two rings of card kept the oil in place until the next oil change.
    Cereal boxes have also been used to manufacture a sump cover gasket too.
  8. Cornflake packets are great for gaskets, you've never seen a cornflake leak through the box, have you?
  9. If you want better performance use Special-K box.
  10. My god you lot are lazy and/or cheap bastards. :p
  11. +1

    Re-using a washer will probably work. and in an emergency I would do it. But Yep For the sake of a few cents, re-using a washer risking losing your oil and frying your engine doesn't really make sense.
  12. Im a cheap bastard. All my gaskets used to be the brown paper bags that the supermarkets used, And I had a Triumph that did not leak oil,
    And it had oil in it too,
  13. It's not so much a question of being lazy/cheap but more a case of finding oneself without a vital part when all the shops are (a) shut or (b) 300 km away.

    Or, for more specialist stuff like specific gaskets, when having an older/more obscure bike combines with the dealers'/manufacturers' laughable idea of "stock" and "acceptable delivery times" to ensure that, if you don't make your own, your bike will be off the road for anything between six months and forever.
  14. I leave for work at 6-30 am,
    I am putting bike back together at 3-00 am,
    No gaskets, no shops open at 3-00 am,
    What ever is available, that will do the job successfully, goes into the bike,
  15. Yeah, yeah, I had a mate who had one like that after he spent months rebuilding it. He was SO proud of his leak-free Thunderbird.
    Three days later it was leaving its mark wherever he parked it. LMFAO.=D>