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GPX250 stalling at lights... Anyone other GPX/ZZR owners...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. ....encountering this?

    I don't get it. For some unknown reason my new GPX250 occasionally will stall while idling at lights then will take several efforts to restart. (It feels like a fuel blockage or something???)

    I have eliminated engine over heating as being the problem although it has happened in the warmer weather +26 degrees. The idle speed is around 1,500 RPM so I doubt that is it either.

    I have used both Mobil & Caltex Premium fuel but it still seems to happen.

    Do any other owners of these bikes have this or am I just the lucky one????

  2. Use normal regular unleaded not the premium shyte. Some thoughts
    Stalls at the light side stand switch, maybe you foot could be touching it.
    Ignition kill switch might be faulty, the vibrations at idle can cause this but unlikely.
    when was the last service? how old are you spark plug/air filter etc etc
  3. Re: GPX250 stalling at lights... Anyone other GPX/ZZR owner

    Shabby's (aka musty from twincam.org??) answers seem the likely answers, with the possible addition of a vapour lock in the fuel lines.
    Does it more often happen after a long trip ie first couple of lights you hit?, after a lot of stop/start riding city riding?, more often if the fuel level is low.

    If its new, and under warranty, then take it to the dealer with a polite please explain/fix.

  4. yeah Iffracem has a point, how old is it?
    The older GPX fuel tanks rust out, filling the carbies full of goodness......another thought
  5. Check your fuel breather hose under your seat.... Follow it all the way down make sure the kinks etc.. My zzr had a similar prob... It was the fuel breather hose..

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. has your oil light come on at all? the zzr250 shuts down the engine when the oil is low.

    happened to my friend last week :p
  7. It's 2 months old (2004 model) and has only done 750K's, I guess that rules out spark plugs, oil filter etc. Don't worry I will be mentioning it at it's 1000K service if I don't cure it myself.

    Shabby - I doubt it is the side stand switch as my left foot is usually on the ground when it happens.

    It has happened once at the end of my street (probably cold), the other 12 or so times have been after trips of 15 - 20k's (so far all my trips are the outer suburbs of Melbourne) - Each time the temp was less than 3/4 of the way across the gauge.

    Originally I thought I had contributed by not being in a low enough gear when slowing down because that has triggered it but since then I have improved my gearing and downshifting and it has still happened. I don't mind the stalling it's when it won't restart and the light's go green that distress me.

    Lisa - I checked the fuel breather hose, there were no kinks (unfortunately), if only it is something that simple.

    I will try regular unleaded next time it needs filling & see how it goes....
  8. The first time I filled up with standard unleaded was the worst. Whether I had a bad batch, or it was just only 91 RON, but I pretty much had what you're having. It would stall sometimes at intersections. I would have to turn the fuel tap to PRI (prime) so I can force some fuel into the carbies to get it going. It took about two-three fills of mobil synergy 8000 (98RON) to clean all that crap out of my tank.

    Anyways, if you've had the same, then maybe check out your fuel filter.
  9. Even after lots of stop-start traffic-light stuff at the end of the 26k drive into work I don't see my temp guage getting up to half. But then.. I am in Tassie :wink: The other way, with often worse stop start before the "cruise" thru country roads the bike gets hotter, but never enough to start the fan up, or much above half.

    If that temp is on the high side (anyone know?) and you do a lot of stop start riding, then the fuel will be getting hot, both in the tank and the lines, from return fuel, and the heat of the engine rising up to the tank when your standing at the lights.

    When your sitting there, with no airflow over the tank or lines, and no forward movement circulating the air around the engine, then the fuel in lines and float bowl can vaporise, effectively stopping the engine, and causing the hard to restart you talk about.

    Of course the superior Across :^o doesn't have these issues, as the tank is under the seat, away from the hot engine, the electric fuel pump is also back there ensuring a good flow of fuel.....
    Too bad it's only got 12 litres to play with tho, and the battery ends up with all the engine heat....:shock:

  10. I got a '04 zzr250 and I've filled with nothing but BP ultimate from new, it's now done 8,500 clicks has never stalled on me and I do stop/start riding in 35+ degree weather I'd definitely contact a Kwaka dealership and use that warranty...
  11. Hey guys,

    I had the same problem with my 93 baby zzr. When I was off the throttle it would die on me. I took it for a service and it did it even more when a wise old chap suggested that I turn the idling knob up a bit and let it idle at under 200 revs but above 1500 revs. That solved all my problems and have never stalled at the lights again........ well except when I saw this good looking lady crossing the road in front of me and BLADT!!! I forgot I was in gear and let go of the clutch to wrestle my crotch.

    Try the idling thing, it worked for me, and I hope it works for you..... Just 3 easy payments of $29.95 and if you pay by credit card they throw in a bonus excercise mat valued at $50. That's value that is unbeatable by today's standards.

    Cheers all.

  12. I would be going the idle as well.. according to climate I had to ajust the revs.. mine used to sit around 2000 to idle.. and bumped up to 3000 in winter.. otherwise it chugged and spluttered. I never used anything like optimax in mine as it wouldn't really benefit (used to get 350km/tank) but have had 2 seriously BAD batches of Shell fuel..dun like Shell at all.
  13. Have always used Optimax in my baby (ZZR) never had a problem (well until I dropped him the other day :roll: ).

    Never had a stalling problem, except when I first started, but Kit rev's at about 1700.
  14. Bucks,

    firstly don't rule out ignition problems. they often feel like fuel problems. Change the plugs and observe the leads in the dark to check for stray sparks.

    Secondly make sure all the hosses on your inlet are air tight. Spray some soapy water aound and see if it sucks it in. I find a small leek on the motor side of the carbies/injection can exagerate any ignition problems.

    Also, as someonelse has suggested, clean all your carby filters and pull the float bowls off and check there is no crap under the float needle. If you haven't done this before it is any easy job. Just don't drop the needle.
  15. Man like the bike is 2 months old purchased brand new from a dealer/stealer.
    Don't play with stuff if you don't know what the end result will be!It's foolish.
    Give the bike back to the dealer or at least call THEM and ask.
    The good peeps at Netrider can offer all sorts of advise and are the The most helpful bunch on the planet but the thing is NEW with at least some sort of warrante and an obligation from the dealer to supply the bike in GWO.

    Flame proof undies on new foil in the helmet...fire away
  16. Why the undies? I thought that is an excellent suggestion if new. If it is under warranty let them (dealer) figure out the problem and spend their time fixing it. I assume (as with most warranties) it will not cover problems that you create by fixing it yourself.

    The only issue with this is getting it back to the dealer, who will want to take it out for a ride, and chances are it won't happen to them (it's always the way...)
  17. If you report a problem with a new bike to a dealer, aren't they obliged to look into it? Surely they can't take it for a spin and basically call you a liar based on a 60 second ride! Thats one of the reasons that people buy bikes new, the warrenty.
  18. The GPX is tuned for standard unleaded. Running premium grade fuel will only cost you more. My old GPX used to splutter whenever it got a bad batch of fuel.

    Roll the idle speed up a bit on the carby, sometimes the idle speed drops a bit with fuel differences and doesn't indicate anything wrong.

    Good luck!
  19. I assumed so. But my wife bought a mazda in 2003 from a dealer and the front shocks (when you would go over a bump) would squeek - this started at about 10 000 k's. The dealer took it out, couldn't find a problem etc., so returned it and said that it was normal. A week later the problem was still very much there and definitely not normal so brought it back. This time though we told them to find speed bumps and go over them - they did and they heard and replaced the shocks.

    (my previous response was somewhat sarcastic based on this experience)
  20. Nah I wouldn't take it back, cause they will just drag it on and on. They won't fix the problem, even though they know the problem. What they are doing is common. They are just having fun amongst themselves at your expense. Trust me. Do you really think them Call Centres are ALWAYS experiencing high volume calls every time you ring? They are just trying to piss you off for a bit of a laugh and something to talk about on Friday Night after work drinks.

    What I would do is this... Take it to Peter Stevens Mechanics in the city. From what I have read on Netrider they do a fantastic job with bikes. Sure, you are gonna pay for stuff you shouldn't but at least they will analyze your bikes problem professionally and promptly and tell you EXACTLY what the problem is.

    A Motorcycle dealer is in the business of selling bikes. They aren't mechanics. A salesman SELLS, and a mechanic MECHANICS. Simple!!!

    Pitty Kmart, or Target don't have a Motorcycle Department cause you could have just returned the bike and got your money back no questions asked and then gone somewhere else to buy your bike, maybe a rival dealership.

    I hope I have been of some help. I miss this forum. I will be more dilligent in my helpfullness of every rider here..... Cause I love yous!!!!