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GPX250 RH footpeg bracket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by thejonny, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. I hate buses, I'm never attempting to give way to one ever again, even though that's illegal. I tried slowing down, flashed him to go and he pulls out a little bit then stops.

    So now I'm all frazzled, lost what gear I'm in, shift incorrectly and slow down at the roundabout, put my right indicator on, begin my turn, the bloke in the car pulls out in front of me, and I grab a handful of front brake. Yay! (I'm guessing in my frazzle dazzle mindset I forgot my indicator or didn't actually put it on properly).

    Anyone know where I can get a GPX 250 RH footpeg bracket? I snapped mine... There's an indicator cover on ebay in the UK. I guess I won't be getting back on for a couple of weeks :(
  2. Riding in traffic is a bit frazzling at first. As your bike skills improve you will have more brain power to devote to reading traffic and need less for the mechanics of riding. Don't stress you are OK and the bike can be fixed. That part probably hasn't changed much in design over multiple models so try a Kawasaki dealership, they may have it as a standard part.

    Kawasaki Motors Australia - Find a Dealer

    or a motorcycle wreckers

    Home - Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers, Bike Wrecker, Bike Sales, Bike Salvage

    Good Luck. (y)