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GPX250 Repairs

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Nom, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    New member, looking for some advice on where to find some parts to fix up my GPX250. I've been off the road for over a year following an accident that cost me a collar bone, but looking to get back on the road.

    The bike came out of the ordeal mechanically fine, but it needs a few things fixed up. Since insurance claim isn't an option at this stage, i'm looking to price the repairs to decide whether it's better to fix up the bike as it is, or try to sell it and pick up a cheap bike to tide me over until I decide to get a full sized one.

    The following parts are damaged and need to be replaced:
    - Left sirrup (wrong termonology?). Gear selector seems to be working
    - Left combination controls (indicator panel etc). It looks like it'd still work, but the actual panel is cracked

    The fairing is also quite badly shattered around the left mirror, but I think i can pull it back approximately into shape and fill it with some putty type stuff (i got a tube of it, but i forget what it's called). It's only plastic after all...

    The front windshield is also snapped off, but again it's not a roadworthyness issue.

    Can anyone suggest approximate costings for the above parts? I'm on a VERY tight budget, hence i'm trying to get my bike up and running to save a bit of money.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi there,
    sorry to hear about your off. Hope everything has healed up.

    There is a website called Find A Part at the following address:


    They are linked to smash repairers and motorbike wreckers etc. You just tell them what parts you need and then sit back and wait for the emails to come in from the wreckers who have the parts you want. They email you with how much and you can compare, etc.

    I used this service when I only needed a headllight bulb for my GPX (a $13.90 new item not worth their time) and I still received 5 replies in 2 days including one for about $5. Should be worth at try.

    US ebay is also worth a look (search for "Ninja 250" and "EX250" (EX250 is what the GPX is there).


  3. Hi Nom

    Welcome to the helpful-est forum going

    It could help us help you if you could tell us where you are, please. It would be easy for us to direct you to a wrecker, or repairer in Sydney, which wouldn't be much use if you're in Melbourne, for example.

    But as Kane says, there's heaps of specialist info and help on your particular model on this forum.

    And I saw your bike up on the bench at MaxPower yesterday, Kane, apparently Steve got sent the wrong parts!!!
  4. I'm in Perth.
    Sorry guys, I thought i'd specified it in my Profile, but obviously not :)
  5. Own a GPX250 myself and saw that instrument pods and other random parts are on ebay. Have you tried the online auctions? Also when my old man was looking for hard to find parts for one of his BMW's he wrote it all down on a piece of paper and faxed it to just about every wrecking yard that did BMW's in australia. Cost him about $15 in telephone bills but he got good response from people all over the country, ended up buying stuff from perth (and he's in canberra) this may be an optinon for you.

    Fairings can be a bit touch and go esp if you are trying to find the same colour and decals as what (some are rarer that others) you had so if you can repair the one you have that's not a bad idea. Maybe even consider building a naked frame GPX 250 as per the naked frame GPX250 discussion in one of the other forums.

    Good luck
  6. That's correct. The parts were incorrectly boxed at the factory as GPX parts when they were ZZR parts ... ("Yeah, let the good times roll Kawsaki ..."). :?

    Got my bike back the following Friday and the suspension is soooo much better with some stiffer oil in the front forks and a rear suspension setup that now does NOT include a bush that was frozen solid (read: I have rear suspension now). :cool:

    No more leaks. No more handle bar wobble. More power.

    I just about spent enough for a new bike, but it feels like I got one.

    Happy at the moment.

    Kane. :grin: