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GPx250 rear fender removal.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bolox, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has removed (or trimmed) the crappy looking black plastic fender on the back. The one where the indicators and license plate holder are.

    i think it would clean up the lines of the bike a fair bit.

    is there anyone who's done it? or seen any photos?

  2. Removal isn't that hard to do, the GPX and the ZZR have pretty much the same butt end, there is a ZZR group on Yahoo and they have pics and instructions on how to do the job......Only problem is in Victoria the bike would not pass a RWC if and when you tried to on sell it....... Don't know if you would have the same problem in WA..
  3. I've considered the same mod. Why would it not pass roadworthy, assuming u just trimmed underneath, and didn't move the indicators (just the plate)?
  4. I did mine today..

    just took off the whole rear fairing and unbolted the plastic guard. then jigsawed the plastic off that you'd be able to see once its bolted on. (saves on weight too ;-)

    mounted the indicaters so that they line up with the brake lights, and the license plate is held on by two L brackets, just under the brake light.
    i removed the solid red plastic bit from the bottom of the brake light so that there light on the plate (else its illegal).

    It look a WHOLE lot better! would look even betterer (yes it a word) with smaller indicaters, and a smalelr license plate (which are comming next week). That and also putting extra lights in the empty side brake 'lights' will make it look a whole lot meaner.
  5. Can you put up some pics? If it looks good I might consider doing it to mine.
  6. i did the same thing to malissa's GPX, cleaned it up HEAPS. l didn't remove the whole thing tho, just took off the plate light (ugly thing that it is :shock: ) punched out that solid red plastic bit under the brake light, cut the plastic down (or up :LOL: ) and mounted the plate just under the brake light. it looks HEAPS better when you do that and it did pass a roadworthy, but that all depends on whether you go to a rip off merchant or not :LOL:
  7. Sorry I was under the impression you were thinking of removing the rear indicator stems and putting the indicators into the rear guard, I had asked a representitive of the victorian constabulary about that and was told it would make the bike unroadworthy........
  8. I'll try to get some pics up when i get home (at uni atm).

    i actually thought about taking pics through out the process, but my camerra ahd a flat battery, so it was a no go.

    It was really easy to do, took about 1-2 hours and thats only because i ahd to zip down to the shops to get some brackets and an el cheapo jigsaw.
  9. Sounds good! Would love to see the pics.

    Oh, and thanks for the legals Marty. I'm guessing a rear tyre-hugger might solve that problem? (If you could be arsed putting one on)
  10. How & what did you attach the rear indicators to?

    I also would like to know how it goes in the wet. Are you going to be protected from water spray?
  11. attached the indicaters to the hard plastic(?) fender, so that they're inline with the brake lights.

    it rained on the way home, and im no wetter than what i would be. not only is there still a fair bit of overhang, but the license plate would cut off any major splashes
  12. Can't wait to see the pics. Visualising what mine would look like after doing this makes it look more appealing but my wife will kill me if I dare try this as my GPX is only 5 months old.
  13. How savvy is she? If she's not into bikes she may not notice!
  14. True she wont notice if it looks professional but if I make a mess of it then I will be a dead man. :shock:

    I think going out and buying the parts from the wreckers is the safest way for me to go. Anyone have an approx cost of what it would cost to obtain the rear fender & two quarter panels from a wreckers?
  15. Does anyone know where to get the globe holder sockets that fit the brake light holes for the gpx250? I got some from autobarn but all their ones seem to be too big, designed for cars.

    I am also interested in this ducktail thing, hope to see some photos soon!
  16. srry bout the wait guys.. but got some big mofo tests at uni right now..

    but they're comming.. trust me.

    and with the globe holders, why not just widen the holes in the bike a little bit?
  17. What would i use to widen the holes, and keep them perfectly round? Have you done it before?