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GPX250 racing?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by L0Ki, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys.

    Well I've got a parts bike as a spare for my gpx so I was thinking it shouldn’t cost too much to get into a race bike. So with this comes the question of what series or championship (whatever there called) would it fit into. I want to do a bit of research.

    Now obviously I don’t have a racing licence or any of it. So I'm asking what’s required to be out there racing. Just want a bit of a heads up into what’s out there.

    Why you ask? Well I don’t feel like pushing my luck on the road so I'm doing what any responsible person would. And track days are a maybe but I’m not on my full licence yet so that’s probably a no-go.

    Anyways any help is appreciated. :)

    I’m sure this has been asked in general thousands of times but I'd like some specific info.

  2. Dude just go do some track days. You dont even need a licence to do one.
  3. We have a 250 4 stroke class, in Vic Interclub Racing. Nowhere near as gay as doing a ride-day.
  4. Prepare to get owned by cbr, fzr, zxr, etc :)

    Ninja250s are raced a fair bit in the states but not that popular here.

    If you haven't ever done a track day it would seem strange to jump straight into racing. I say strange, you can substitute it for something like stupid if you wish ;)
  5. Now we are getting somewhere! Except i need some ideas for NSW.

    I get the track day thing. I just want an exuse to bother spending my time that i know have (finished uni) to see if i can get the spares bike running as a race bike.

    As a side note who lets P platers do track days then?
  6. Go racing. It's way more fun than track days, you'll learn heaps and there so many different bikes and styles of riders, there'll always be someone you can race against.

    Cost wise, it's about the same as a track day, except it has a purpose.

    Do a search here on how to get started (it has been answered a few times).
  7. nothing to stop you from doing it, but gpx isnt very competitive against inline 4.

    try a trackday first to see if you like it.

    I was going to do the 4stroke 250cc class race. then I got really really poor.
    too poor to race in the class that is the cheapest to race in. such is life.
  8. I just sent an email to the controlling body in NSW for motorcycle racing. See what happens from that.

    I have read all those getting started guides but what they do is just say check out some of our affiliated motorcycle clubs. All they list on them is a name and a few other details nothing mentioning what classes of racing they have. So it would take me a while to determine what or if there is any class out there for my GPX.
  9. Loki, it's really simple.

    You need a licence. To get a licence you must be a member of an affiliated club. This is not that much. Once you are a member, they'll send you a licence form. You must have ambulance or private ambulance cover. Fill the form in and they will send you some info. In that info is a small test you must complete. You send that off.

    Assuming you can read, you'll pass the test. They'll send you a new licence. You now have a MA Race Licence.

    You now need a bike. Any bike. Remember, it's supposed to be cheap and fun. Prepare the bike. It's not that hard. Lockwire tools and lockwire. Relocate your water bottle and fit a catch tank.

    Remove glass, headlights, indicators and other road gear. Fit a race number. You are now ready to race.

    If you want, get tyre warmers. 250 4 strokes don't run slicks, so they're not essential, but they will help and they will save you money. Of course, race stands and then required. NONE of these things are hard and they don't have to be expensive.

    Do the licence first, it'll motivate you for the rest.
  10. I don't care what anyone else says, but (IMO) racing before doing a single trackday is stupid/a good way to write yourself off.
  11. + 1 to cejay.

    The best place to start in NSW is St George MCC http://www.stgeorgemcc.com/ Next years calendar should be up soon if not already. Give them a call/email regarding membership.

    MNSW will talk to you about licence requirments but it's a piece of cake and will cost $275 annually (from memory).

    Talk to your mechanic or workshop about prepping the bike but it's a piece of cake - especially if you have it all done before turning up on the day.

    For the actual racing day, generally whoever you garage with will assist you in what to do on the day. Naturally you'll be a bit nervous but sign in and scutineering is easy.

    I turned up to my first race meeting with a bike and petrol tank. That's it.

    I reckon a track day is a good way to start though - atr least one to get the feel of what you're up against.

    Good luck.
  12. So most of the kids in the juniors would be dead by now.

    I'm assuming that Loki has some understanding and is ok to ride. In an ideal World, I'd agree with you, but Loki asked for advice how to get started and this is what I've provided.

    Personally, I've seen people do lots of trackdays and they still wobble around. So it's not a guaranteed recipe for success.

    [Edited for tone. Sorry :oops: ]
  13. Thanks guys for the help so far. I am understanding it so much more now. So basically i register for a club get my licence then they'll have all the information required to race my bike and what series it would fit into?

    Oh yea and to the guys who think racing straight off is a bad idea. I'm only asking as to whether my GPX250 would fit into a class of racing because i wanted to know if it would be worthwhile getting the bike in the shed going. And it owuld be cheaper to just make it a race bike. Also i would do a track day first if i got that far. Which I'm really hoping i do.

    Thanks again. I'm getting so ecited at the idea of racing the ol GPX.
  14. Sorry Cjay, but I have to disagree with you there....the juniors have to do 5 hours of coaching to get the basics in order to get their competition licence and we run almost monthly practice / training days at Broadford. By the time the juniors roadrace they usually have many hours of track time under their belts as well as the skills they bring over from any previous discipline they were /are involved in.

    IMHO... if ones skill levels are limited to road riding then I would suggest...a race school day to start off with, then a ride day or 2 to refine the new skills learned, and finally club or interclub level racing to start off.
    Each enviroment has its own benefits and as the skill level improves, so does a person's confidence.
  15. Fair enough, I was responding to the assertion that it was stupid. So many people here like to spread fear and concern. Racing has been a total eye opener for me, not only for the fun it's been, but for the massive range skills present.

    If I was Loki, I'd get my licence, use my club for all the knowledge I can get, attend a race school that they run, visit a few of their races and then dip my toe in the water. I don't think that doing track days at $200+ a pop anymore prepares you for racing than fast road riding does, not if you get started the correct way (club, race school etc..).

    Everyone I have come into contact with in racing has been awesome and so willing to help. And the lower classes, where there really is no pressure to perform are some of the most helpful.
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :roll: How absurd!

    Racing = Riding his 250 around and around the race track.

    Loki get into it, it will be fun and a great way of finding the limits of yourself and your bike.

    BTW prepare to be raped by MA, the annual license fees are a contributing factor towards the decline in motorcycle racing at club level.

    Just think what license fees cost the average family of Dad and a couple of kids to go MotoX annually! :shock:
  17. It sure ain't cheap.

    MA licence $270 + 1 off joining
    Club $50-100 + joining
    Ambo - $70 (Vic)

    That's to get started.

    Race meets $130-150 for an IC.

    Those are the fixed costs, but the rest is more less up to you.
  18. This could be fun!

    I didnt expect it to be free. Doesnt matter if i have to pay a bit of cash. Rather spend it on something i enjoy rather than anything else.

    Now back out into the shed to see if i can get this motor back together. Thats a start.
  19. Until about 15 years ago, there were no such thing as Trackdays. If you wanted to ride on a Track, you had to go Racing. Didn't seem to do us any harm.
  20. Some of the scariest people on tracks are the ride day specialists who are somehow still erratic, slow and unpredictable even after many ride days.

    It's a quicker learning curve getting in the thick of it amongst people that can actually ride. Go for it.