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GPX250 questions from a newbie!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Katepants, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Howdy,

    Wondering if anyone can help me out of this pickle. Ive found a bike, It's a 97 GPX250, and as I've discovered it's a tallish bike. My problem is I'm just under 5 foot.

    Is there a possibility of lowering this particular model? Or are there any suggestions about what to do with the height issue?

  2. This bike doesnt have any hight adjustments on it.

    Get a low seat bike if thats too high

    eg virago 250

    I sat on a balius today and that seems very low seat too
  3. Check on the net for something on getting the seat shaved.
    And you can lower the front end a little, but I doubt that will help much (or maybe it will?) with a height issue.

    Keep in mind you really only need to be able to stand on your tippy toes to keep it upright...its a VERY light bike.
  4. How tall is it for you?

    You can get the seat lowered. It is achieved by taking some of the foam out and stretching again the cover. Depending on how thick your seat is you can gain more centimetres down if you know what I mean. :wink:

  5. Ha! Well i could only get one tip toe on the ground at any time so seeing as theres probably no easy way of adjusting the seat height, methinks a different bike might be in order.. breaks my heart it does!

  6. Dont know how tall either of them actually are, but could try a ZZR instead of the GPX, looks shorter to me...
  7. The GPX has a seat height of 31 in.
    Honda Hornet :29.9
    ZZR250 : 29.9
    You can also have the rear suspension adjusted softer ( it will sit a loittle lower with you on it ). And then there is the seat ( You can have shaved a little )
    Good Luck !
  8. FYI, gpx is NOT tall. You're just really short.

    Boots with extra thick heels will help you no matter what you get.
  9. Hi

    I lowered my GPX using a lowering link, and it made enough difference for me.

    (incidentally, I'm just about to sell it due to upgrading)

    I didn't get to try seat shaving as the link lowered it enough, but that was going to be my next step.

    I also have boots with a fairly thick sole (Gaerne) and have recently put 2 extra insoles in the boots, which adds a small amount of height.

    Are you able to get your tip toes down on one side? I've never been able to flat foot a bike, and have always had to tip it over to one side. The GPX is lightweight enough so this shouldn't be a problem for you.
  10. The height of a bike means nothing once you're rolling.
    If you're heart is set on a GPX (great bike) it can be modified but I suspect with some seat time you wont notice the height after a week or so.
  11. Is it suggested to not try and lower a bike? We had been advised from a few dealers around Melbourne that it is not a good idea and can hinder the performance of a bike in a few ways.

    I think Kate would be fine once she got a bit more comfortable with the weight of a bike. So far she is able to get her tip-toes on one side for a Honda CB250 (2002 model), but it is a little bit of a struggle to push the bike up right, and it is even more of a struggle on a ZZR, GSX, VTR, CBR(125 and 250) -- I guess it all comes down to practice and getting to know how to shift your weight a bit?

    We both go for our license on Thursday, so I guess they can give us a lot more hands on tips on what she could do.
  12. Unless Kate is a natural Rossi or Stoner, lowering the bike will not affect the bike negatively. Lowering means less ground clearance and more liklihood of decking bike furniture when cornering aggressively.

    I would imagine, aggressive cornering is some time off for either of you. :grin:

    Being too short for a bike means having to get off everytime you wanna to move the bike around, means getting your standing start U turns down pat, means getting partially off at the lights to support the weight entirely on one leg... it's not the end of the earth but can make the confidence gaining process a lot longer.

    When you're on the bike and moving, so long as you have a good reach to all controls, your height doesn't matter.

    Good luck with it all :)
  13. Spanks everybody! going to take it all on board and see what comes of it... seems like there might be a few options. to give you an idea of how short i am... i can sit on a CB250 and only touch the ground with both feet on tip toes! :grin:
  14. 5 ft thats tiney.

    maybe an across they look pretty small. Or wat about the yamaha scorpio thing i think they are pretty small. Have a sit on a cbr125 they look small to me
  15. Hi Kate, and welcome to NR.

    How did u go with the height problem? A few good suggestions there. Whereabouts in Melb r u from?
  16. Yes she's tiny!

    Haven't done too much looking around until we get our licenses on Thursday.