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GPX250 price - reasonable?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Banana Fred, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Hello all.

    I'm a new member here and I've been offered a 99 GPX250 that has 34K - 35K on the odo and has just been roadworthied. The asking price is a flat $3K.
    Can I get some of your opinions on this price please?
  2. For a 99 model that sounds fair (as long as the condition is decent). The problem is that without actually looking at the bike we can't tell what the condition is.

    Have you considered having an experienced motorcyclist or a shop check the bike over for you?
  3. that price is fair if all the consumables are in good order ie tyres, chain/sprockets, brakes. last service etc
  4. Yes, I have had another experienced rider express his opinion that the bike is in good condition.

    The bike has just had a new front tyre put on and a new front disc ( the original disc having worn down to just below minimal thickness. ) The seat is being redone due to a couple of tears in the vinyl. The rear tyre is approx four to five thousand kay old and looks pretty good. The bike has been serviced regularly.
  5. Then assuming all of the above and that the bike doesn't have any major cosmetic damage I'd say it's a fair price :)
  6. Okay, what would be too much money for that bike and what would be too little?
  7. offer $2500, what have you got to lose?
  8. What about the rego. How much is left?
  9. I believe it was paid up about a month or two ago.
  10. Sounds reasonable. I'd still get it inspected by a pro, though.
  11. Sold a 99 gpx with 35 on the clock , new tyres, clutch, sprockets, chain ,service and 12 months rego for 3700. Was in great nic too. So I would say so long as it is in resonable condition you are doing pretty well. Not to mention if you ride it for around a year withtout dropping it and keeping up the services you should be able to make the majority of your money back, if not all.

    Mind you don't ever offer the asking price on a bike. Offer a stupid price and then work your way up.
    Never know they may just take the stupid price.