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GPX250 or VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Peterstryz, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Help,

    I have am looking at my first bike, have ridden both and like them both.

    My question is, is the VTR worth the extra money ($1-1.5k) or is it just a case of paying for the brand name?

    Obviously I have no idea whether there is technical stuff which makes the VTR's price tag worth more either.

    The intent is to hold onto the bike for at least 12 months (maybe more). If it helps I am 6ft and 100kg.

    Any thoughts please?
  2. the VTR is justified the extra money :)

    There's a huge following of people who love the VTR for a big reason. They handle like a dream, there's enough grunt to keep you interested for a fair while. Mechanically they'll run forever... and there's no fairings to scratch seeing it's your first bike...
  3. i won't buy vtr even if it's 1k cheaper :p
  4. just not my type, i like fairing
  5. I don't think it's worth that much for the simple reason that Suzuki was able to sell the vastly superior GSF250V here new for less than the price of a VTR. Only brand name/image could explain why people would buy a 32hp twin over a 45hp parallel 4 with more torque. No reason why you wouldn't be just as happy with the performance of a GPX as a VTR so really the decision is one that's really just down to what you're willing to pay, and whether you like fairings or not. If you like the naked look have a look at a Hyosung GT250 - it's a lot bigger (and cheaper) than a VTR and might fit you better.
  6. VTR at the drop of a hat
  7. Having owned both, The VTR without thinking twice!!

    The GPX was OK, But the VTR was a great bike, loved that Vtwin sound and performance, even for a 250, it handled well, adjustable spring preload in the rear.

    The GPX always seemed to be right at it's limits on the open highway, the VTR was more relaxed.

    even hauling my heavy arse around the VTR did very well, sad to see that bike go.
  8. The VTR is definitely worth it. I'm biased though :p
  9. Engineering and quality wise, the vtr is a pretty decent step up from a gpx. But then again, so is an across. :cool:
  10. i have vtr and its probably the best bike for learner. i havent had any exps. with gpx but i heard its good too.

    vtr is a honda, gpx is a kawa with really old model. probably the extra 1k-1.5k will be worth it. but you cant go wrong with both i reckon.
  11. if you live close to me. i will let you test ride my vtr250....

    to smoothen your decision... lol.
  12. Having owned a zzr and ridden a gpx and vtr I can say I preferred the vtr for any non fast riding. Its geared for lower speeds and you could really feel the punch and pull up to almost 100. After that it still pulled up to 140ish indicated, but there wasn't anything special about the accel up there.

    But considering probably 95% of your riding will be lower than 100, I would think the vtr would be more fun to hoon about on, due to the power being down low in the revvs. And the sound, even with an almost stock pipe it sounds nicer than gpx/zzr.

    So my conclusion is that the vtr is a bit more fun to ride around on compared to gpx/zzr. So what would I buy if I did it again?

    A gpx - for 4500 you can get an 04-05 one with under 10k kms in great condition. For the same price, subtract 4-5 years, and add 10-30k kms. Vtrs are great, but way to overpriced, even in the second hand market.
  13. :WStupid:
  14. i got a yoshi pipe ready to put :LOL::LOL::LOL: will post on youtube once it's on.

    argh still couple of weeks tho
  15. My two cents worth.....

    Ride both bikes and see which one suits you - then haggle over the price with the Sales Rep.

    In the end you have to live with the machine you choose so you had better get it right from the start. Nothing worse then looking at other peoples bikes and wishing you had bought that one insead :)

    So - test ride test ride test ride.

    Cheers and best of luck mate - Paul
  16. I can tell you that for me, 6' and 105kg a VTR is more comfy then the old bandits. Not saying the bandit was a bad bike, but the vtr was better.

    Honestly, both the gpx250 and the vtr250 are nice bikes that were both designed in the late 80's. If you like the naked look better, go the vtr250, if you like the faired look better and are going new, go the 08 gpx250 which is the new designed one (same engine and etc, but modernised bike), else, keep looking, you will find something :D
  17. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the help.
  18. I don't have a single complaint about the GPX, and I think its a top learner bike, but I may be a little biased.
    A lot of guys I've met all love their VTR's though, and I'm sure they are a great bike too.

    But if I was in your position, I'd wait for the new Kawasaki 250cc bike that due out early next year I think.