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gpx250 oil filter cost & is the oil i am using ok?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by emilmh, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,
    i tried to search for the info but i couldnt seem to find it! so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

    Background Info: my bike is a import ninja250 same as gpx250

    I think my bike needs an oil change. I have some shell helix semi-synthetic 15W-50 (i think it is) that i used for my silvia turbo, so i was gonna use this in the bike. good idea?... or not?

    also having never had a motorbike before, how much am i looking at for a oil filter? same cost as a car? and where can i get it? do i have to go to a bike shop?? (a bit of a stretch from where i live :( )


  2. Okay car engine oil is fine for bike ENGINES, but can cause problems with the clutch depending on the sorts of additives/viscosity modifiers used. You're probably only going to find a bike filter at a bike shop so might be an idea to pick up some bike-specific oil at the same time just to be safe.
  3. yeah i've read about synthetics on clutches (that they can slip) :S but i havent actualyl read any kind of "conclusion" about using it.
  4. Probably because most people aren't game to try it. There are bike specific oils available that don't cost much more than car oil, is it really worth the risk for the sake of saving a few bucks?
  5. Yeah I use that oil without issue in my GPX, i got my last oil filter from a bike wrecker that also gets oem/aftermarket stuff for $13.80
  6. I just did a service on my gpx and paid ~$25 for 2 NGK plugs and a non-genuine oil filter (don't know the breakdown) from the local bike shop (accessoride in Mill Park). Oil I used was Mobil 1 full synthetic 15w-50 and the bike seems to like it, no clutch dramas.